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‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Cries Over Scarring Trauma Endured

Little People Big World celeb Amy Roloff broke down in tears in recent TLC scenes. And between the Roloff Farms drama and past trauma that Amy has been through, she has been carrying a lot.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family Divide in Full Effect

For any Little People Big World fans hoping that the family drama has been resolved, that’s certainly not the case. And recently, there was a not-so-subtle clue that the feud between family members is still burning hot.

Recently, it was a big day for Lilah Roloff – as Tori Roloff’s middle child celebrated her third birthday. And while it was a happy occasion all around, Little People Big World fans were quick to note some absent attendees.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler didn’t attend the Little People Big World birthday festivities. Instead, they jetted off to Arizona to get a head start on Thanksgiving. Whether or not Tori invited them and they ditched, or if they weren’t invited altogether, isn’t clear. But the one thing for sure is that Caryn and Matt were not there, while Amy and Chris were.

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek LPBW Interview1

Amy Roloff in Tears in TLC Scenes

As Little People Big World fans have seen, all of this family turmoil is taking a toll. And one of the people it weighs the heaviest on is Amy Roloff. The Roloff family matriarch recently burst into tears on camera. And it’s clear that Amy is holding onto a lot.

It turns out, a small squabble about Amy and Chris planting a garden opens up deep-seated trauma from the past where Amy is concerned. In Chris’ mind, he lays things out logically – and in terms that make sense to him.

But in Amy’s case, it’s a big deal for her when she feels like she is being dismissed and not heard. And that stems from a lifetime of dealing with the way people have looked at her.

Amy Roloff LPBW

How Past Trauma Affected Previous Marriage to Matt

In recent Little People Big World scenes, Amy Roloff opened up about how her being “sensitive” impacted her previous marriage to Matt Roloff as well. According to Amy Roloff, there were moments where she didn’t feel “supported” or “encouraged”, and that, over time, those things can “deflate” a person.

Most Little People Big World fans agree that Amy Roloff looks happier with Chris Marek than she ever did with Matt Roloff. And even though Amy still struggles to this day with feelings of not being “good enough”, Chris is quick to assure his wife that she is.

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek LPBW Interview

So even though she is certainly still dealing with a lifetime of past trauma, with someone supportive like Chris by her side, Amy also seems to be healing in ways she never would have with Matt – and opening up is indeed an important first step.

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