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Tori Roloff’s Grudge For Matt & Caryn Goes Deeper, What Now?

Little People Big World drama continues as the family feud and the fallout from Roloff Farms rages on. And, based on the latest updates from Tori Roloff, it looks like she reached a new level of petty where Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are concerned. So what’s the latest?

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Not Burying the Hatchet with Matt & Caryn?

The Little People Big World family turmoil has been alive and well since everything went down regarding Roloff Farms and who would eventually take over once Matt decided to hang it up and ride off into the Arizona sunset with Caryn.

Understandably, both Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff were upset with Matt for putting a portion of Roloff Farms up for sale – along with excluding them from what they see as their birthright as far as taking over the farm goes.

And according to Tori, she wouldn’t be dropping her children off at Roloff Farms anytime soon because things are still “not good” between the family members. And it’s clear, based on recent events, that this isn’t changing anytime soon.

Tori Roloff Zach roloff

Tori Not Ready to Forgive Matt Roloff – Shades Zach’s Dad?

Months into the ongoing family feud, it’s clear based on Tori Roloff’s latest actions that she’s still bitter over everything – and that she isn’t above throwing shade at the Little People Big World patriarch. This will be another diss move by Tori this year. She also took the Roloff grandchildren to two different pumpkin patches ignoring Grandpa Matt’s farm. She was hapy to share the pics on social media.

Josiah - Lilah Tori Pumkin

As Little People Big World fans keeping up with Tori Roloff’s updates know, it was recently Lilah Roloff’s third birthday. And along with celebrating with her immediate family, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek were there to celebrate Lilah’s special day as well. But, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler were not there.

Around the same time, Matt Roloff shared an update with Caryn, saying that the pair were heading “out of dodge” – likely to celebrate Thanksgiving in Arizona, where Caryn wants to permanently move.

Lilah Roloff 3 birthday

LPBW: Matt & Caryn Not Invited to Lilah’s Birthday?

The fact that Matt and Caryn jetted off around the same time as Lilah’s birthday party certainly adds another layer of intrigue to the existing Roloff family drama. It could be that Tori Roloff didn’t invite the pair to the party with all the bad blood between them.

On the other hand, it could be that Caryn and Matt were invited but decided not to go because of how uncomfortable it would be. Afterall Tori and Zach have said a lot of not so nice things about Caryn on the show recently.

Lilah Roloff Birthday


Matt & Caryn are pretty good about not missing the grandchildren’s special days. Either way, there’s a lot for Little People Big World fans to dig into. And the fact that Amy and Chris were there to celebrate while Matt and Caryn were not speaks volumes.


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