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Josiah’s Priceless Gift To His Big Sis Lilah

Little People Big World star Lilah Roloff turned three this weekend and received the best gift ever from her baby brother Josiah Roloff. Little Lilah Bean is growing up fast before our eyes on television and through the updates her doting momma Tori Roloff frequently shares on social media. Tori says her girl is a diva. So of course her birthday theme was fitting to her diva status.

Little People Big World cutie Lilah Roloff was surrounded by family and friends as they celebrated her special day. She was spoiled beyond measure.  However, Lilah received one of the sweetest gifts from her six-month-old baby brother. Continue reading to see what Josiah gifted to his big sister and how their mom Tori played a part in making that happen.

Lilah Roloff Birthday


Little People Big World: Josiah Plays Trick On Tori – Special Gift To Big Sis

Little People Big World newborn Josiah Roloff really has his mother Tori wrapped around his little fingers. LPBW fans know that Josiah isn’t a good sleeper. In fact, he’s been such a problem at night that his parents Tori and Zach Roloff moved him out of their room into Lilah’s room a few months ago. Tori says Lolah can sleep through anything. Sadly that skill meant forfeiting her own room to share with her nocturnal baby brother.

Lilah Roloff - Josiah Roloff - lpbw
Lilah Roloff – Josiah Roloff – lpbw



Little People Big World birthday girl Lilah Roloff received the best gift from Josiah the night before she turned three. It seems Josiah was extra fussy. So Tori moved him into her room for the night. After a few cuddles, Tori soon realized she was playing by her infant son. Josiah was not coming down with another ear infection or having trouble sleeping. He just wanted to give his big sister the only gift he could— her own room for the night.

Josiah - Tori


LPBW: Lilah Roloff Princess For The Day – Matt Roloff Not There

Little People Big World star Lilah Roloff was transformed into a princess to celebrate her third birthday. LPBW fans know Lilah’s mom Tori is a huge Disney fan and passed that love of Disney to her little girl. Lilah’s entire party was princess themed from her outfit to the decorations, to the custom cake and cookies. Lilah’s celebration was truly fitting of a diva princess.

Lilah Roloff 3 birthday

Lilah was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate her birthday. Her Mimi Amy Roloff was there. However, Grandpa Matt was headed to Arizona with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler to get a jump start on their Thanksgiving celebration. Of course, it’s common knowledge Tori and Zach still hold a grudge against Caryn for her part in the debacle over the farm. So it makes sense she was excluded from the family gathering. Although Matt would be welcome without Caryn, it appears he choose Caryn over Lilah this weekend.

Lilah Birthday

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