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Zach Roloff Breaks Silence About Feud With Caryn Chandler

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff and his father Matt Roloff’s relationship is still strained while the fallout of their feud is airing weekly on the new season of their family’s TLC reality show. Although the now infamous negotiations between Zach, his wife Tori Roloff, Matt Roloff, and  Caryn Chandler occurred off camera, the aftermath repercussions are very public.

Of course, they would be when you choose to have your lives filmed for Little People Big World. Now a private family matter has become public and the LPBW fans feel they have a right to know what’s going on.

Continue reading to learn how Zach Roloff really feels about all this drama with his father and Caryn’s impending move to Arizona.

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Little People Big World: Zach Roloff Doesn’t Hold Back

Little People Big World celeb Zach Roloff is not as frequent a poster on social media as his wife Tori. So when he does post he usually has something to say to his nearly one million fans and followers. This past week Zach opened the floodgates with his post and answered a lot of questions from fans in the comments. Zach was blunt, honest, and to the point. His answers sure are quite telling that he’s not able to move forward from the past as much as his father and LPBW fans wish he would.

Little People Big World personality Zach Roloff was asked by a fan,

“How comfortable are you having to air the disagreement with your dad with all of America?”

Zach replied,

“It’s definitely expedited some things.”  

No doubt this was a very telling statement. Zach also didn’t elaborate further or answer other fans who commented about how they felt about the strained relationship between Zach’s family and his father and Caryn.

LPBW: Zach Is Not Surprised To See Caryn Moving Full Time To Arizona

Little People Big World original cast member Zach Roloff isn’t surprised to see his father’s girlfriend move full-time to Arizona. After all, Caryn spends most weekends in Az and her parents and children live there. Insiders say Caryn will make the move gradually over the holidays and looks to make it permanent by January. Additionally, reports say Caryn is looking to rent out her Oregon property as well.

Caryn Chandler also is reported to have quit being a part of Little People Big World after this current season. Caryn’s unsure if Matt is done with the show or even if it’s been renewed for Season 25. However, she definitely is done. Caryn wants to get away from all the drama going on with the Roloff family. She’s ready to shift her focus full-time to her own family and her future with Matt.

Caryn Chandler LPBW

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