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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Wants Therapy For Tension With Sons?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown marriages aren’t the only relationships that took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kody’s relationships with several of his adult children also saw their fair share of challenges. Updates emerge as to which of Kody’s adult sons and daughter are still are not on speaking terms with their father. Continue reading to see which sons Kody says he needs to put the work into therapy with.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown At Odds With Sons Over COVID Rules

Sister Wives season 16 saw the Brown family dealing with the craziness of the pandemic. Kody Brown set into motion a  set of rules and guidelines for the family to follow. Unfortunately, Kody’s rules were way stricter than the CDC guidelines. So the individual moms made rules for their households that aligned more with the CDC. This in effect made it impossible for Kody to have regular visits with the other moms and their kids other than Robyn. After all, Robyn was the only wife who full-heartedly abided by Kody’s over-the-top rules.

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Sister Wives sons Gabriel Brown and Garrison Brown refused to sacrifice their social lives to see their dad occasionally. This put their mom Janelle Brown at odds with her shared husband. However, she chooses her kids over her husband. Her sons were following all the right protocols. So she felt it was safe for her and the others in her household. Sadly Kody adamantly disagreed. Further, he blamed his two twenty-something-year-old sons for not being able to his youngest daughter with Janelle, Savanah Brown.

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 Kody Admits He Doesn’t Speak With Gabriel or Garrison

Sister Wives father of 18 Kody Brown sadly admitted for the world to hear during his Tell All interview last season he and his sons Gabriel and Garrison are not on speaking terms. SW fans saw the hard-to-watch chat between these three on season 16 of their family’s TLC show, In a nutshell, Kody feels disrespected by his children. Mind you these children are grown, adults. Kody was married to two wives when he was their age. So of course these men don’t feel they have to obey their absentee father’s strict mandates.

SW: Therapy Needed To Mend Fences – For 3 Sons & Daughter

Sister Wives personality Kody Brown also admits that the tension we saw between his sons and himself remains. In fact, Kody says their relationships need a lot of work and perhaps even therapy to get back to the place they were in pre-pandemic. All three men are stubborn and are so caught up in being right that they’ve sadly lost the bond they once shared. Kody’s son Paedon has also lashed out in a series of TikTok videos. His daughter Gwendlyn with ex wife Christine has recently said some really harsh things about Kody and his legal wife Robyn Brown.

Paedeon - Gwendlyn - Truely - Ysabel - Christine brown

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