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‘LPBW’ Zach Roloff Quits – Blames Baby Josiah

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff made a rare social media post this past week. In the post, Zach made an admission that many would find shocking but typical for Zach Roloff.

LPBW fans recall last season Zach Roloff trained for his first weightlifting completion. He was determined to set a good example for his oldest son Jackson Roloff.

Little People Big World fans cheered Zach on as he trained and competed in the competition. Zach exceeded everyone’s expectations despite a few moments of weakness.

LPBW fans asked Zach how his lifting training is going these days. Continue reading to see if Zach is still lifting or if this competition was a “one and done” type thing for him.

Jackson Roloff - Zach Roloff
Jackson Roloff – Zach Roloff

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff Determined To Break World Record

Little People Big World celeb Zach Roloff was preparing for a powerlifting competition just over a year ago this time. Zach put in a lot of work training. In fact, he trained with the same trainer that his mother Amy Roloff used as well. Not only did  Zach puts in the work to compete, but he also had his son Jackson alongside him to cheer him on and support him.

LPBW - Zach roloff - jackson

Little People Big World star Zach wanted to show his son that although they both are small in stature, they can accomplish big goals. Zach competed in his weight class with all average-sized athletes. Zach needed to successfully squat bench lifts 381 pounds to make his personal best and set a new world record for his weight class. Zach’s stepfather Chris Marek was there along with Zach’s wife Tori and his kids Lilah and Jackson to see him compete and win. It was a great day for Zach Roloff and a perfect example to Jackson about goal setting and not letting their size limit their dreams.

LPBW Zach Roloff Powerlifts

LPBW: Zach Roloff Quits Weightlighting – Blames It on Josiah?

Little People Big World personality Zach Roloff has put his lifting days behind him. Sadly taking first place and setting a new world record wasn’t enough for Zach to find the motivation to continue with the sport. Lifting takes a lot of training, practice, discipline, and determination.

Zach - Jackson - Josiah


Zach really doesn’t have that kind of drive. A LPBW fan asked Zach in the comments section of his rare Instagram post if he’s been lifting lately, Zach replied,

“no man, i stopped pretty hard last October. Did one competition and was done. Lifting is tough with three kids at home, no rest and can’t recover properly. It can done but it wasn’t for me”

So, weightlifting is too hard for Zach Roloff and he says it’s really not his thing. Additionally, Zach says having three children makes it tough. At least Zach is still fully committed to soccer and Jackson is as well. Something father and son can still enjoy together.

Zach & Jackson Roloff medal

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