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‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Says Adopting A Boy Is Possible

OutDaughtered parents Danielle & Adam Busby took to Instagram promising fans a surprise. Fans were excited thinking Danielle was going to announce another pregnancy.

Danielle Busby Answers Burning Questions

Outdaughtered TLC star Danielle Busby Answered a big question after teasing a big “secret” with husband Adam Busby.

After giving her husband Adam a chance to guess what fans were saying, the TLC celeb stated, “The most speculated reaction to what the secret is… that I’m pregnant again.”

“I mean, I was going to say that, but it’s impossible,” Adam said in reference to Danielle undergoing a hysterectomy two years ago. Danielle added with a laugh, “That would straight up be a real miracle because there ain’t no baby carrying organs in this body.”

Danielle Busby Instagram

The OutDaughtered Parents Have 6 Daughters & Hysterectomy

Danielle and Adam have six daughters: Blayke, a daughter, and the quintuplets Hazel, Riley, Parker, Olivia, and Ava. Their family holds the distinction for having the only all-girl quintuplets in the United States.

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, the former office manager came up about her choice to get a hysterectomy in November 2019.

Danielle Opens Up Candidly On Instagram Stories, saying “I know this isn’t something we haven’t ever really shared or talked about, but life physically after having quintuplets has been super painful, challenging, hard,” Dani explained at the time. “[We’ve] discovered that, you know, [I] basically [have] PCOS, which is like where cysts keep forming on my ovaries and they keep rupturing, which is just unbearable.”

Outdaughtered Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

Danielle Busby Opens Up About Her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

After welcoming her multiples, the Louisiana native said that she experienced “quite a few challenges” with her body. Danielle explained the year leading up to her operation had been “at the top of the scale” in terms of “pain,” with some days where she “couldn’t get out of bed.”

“I’m extremely proud of my body for carrying the girls for 28 weeks and giving birth to five healthy infants who are now four years old,” she concluded. “But the previous three years have been filled with a lot of physical discomfort within the lady element of, like, my uterus and whatnot,” she says.

Adam & Danielle Leave Door Open For A Boy

However, Adam told Us Weekly that the pair will “never completely close the door” to having more children.

“We’ll always be open-minded,” Adam Busby Media founder Danielle Busby said at the time, adding, “If [adoption] is something God puts in our heart and we get called and led to do, we’d follow that.”

Danielle Busby did say “it would be nice to have a little boy,” she acknowledged that the “shop was closed.”

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