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‘Little People Big World’: Amy Roloff Makes Surprising Admission

Little People Big World star Amy Roloff made a shocking admission in a recent interview about her and the reality show she and her family film for TLC. LPBW fans know Amy started this show back in 2004 with a series of pilots and specials. Then the show we all have been watching debuted in 2006. Now the series is in its 24th season.

Little People Big World initially followed the lives of Amy Roloff, her now ex-husband Matt Roloff and their four kids, twins Zach and Jeremy, daughter Molly, and youngest son Jacob. Sadly today only Zach, his wife Tori, and their kids appear on the show with their parents and their new significant others.

Amy Roloff is happily remarried to Chris Marek. The two are still relatively newlyweds and enjoy spending a lot of time together. Continue reading to see the stunning admission Amy shared about something she rather never does alone or with Chris.

Chris Marek - Amy Roloff Little People Big World

Little People Big World: Chris Marek Likes  To Watch – Amy Rather Not

Little People Big World’s Chris Marek has grown accustomed to being a part of his new wife’s life and her family’s reality television show. Chris is a Realtor by trade but now as Amy’s husband, he also has become a reality tv star by default. Make no mistake though, Chris is enjoying his newfound fame. No doubt it certainly is boosting his real estate career. still, Chris gets giddy when talking about appearing on the show. He even accidentally called Amy’s family “characters” in a recent interview with ET Online.

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek LPBW Interview

Little People Big World matriarch was asked if she and Chris watch the show when it airs. The answers Amy and Chris gave were different. Chris says he enjoys watching the show when it airs. Conversely, Amy cringes when she sees herself on tv. She admits to being in the room when Chris watches but finds something else to do. When asked why she doesn’t like watching herself, Amy says she lived that six months ago and doesn’t need to relive it again.

Plus she sees things the cameras caught that she wished they didn’t. Of course, that’s par for the course when you have your life filmed for television. Not everything can be blamed on editing.

Amy Roloff _ LPBW

LPBW: Amy Roloff Wants To Continue Series – Caryn Chandler Quit

Little People Big World celeb Amy Roloff says she and her husband Chris are open to continuing filming for another 24 seasons. Currently, season 24 is airing on TLC. However, Season 25 has not been confirmed. In fact, one of the main cast members, Matt Roloff’s long-time girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, reportedly already said she is done after this season. She will support Matt if he and the other continue to film but she will not be a part of it going forward.

Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler - LPBW


Matt Roloff is vague about the future of the reality show that made him and his family stars. He says that it is up to the entire family whether or not they continue. So far they have yet to have that talk. So the future of Little People Big World remains uncertain.

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