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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Gives Update On Will Klein’s Health

The Little Couple star Jennifer Arnold loves to dote on her two kids Will Klein and Zoey Klein. Jennifer’s latest update is about her oldest son Will Klein. He’s growing up fast before our eyes on social media. It’s hard to believe Will is almost a teenager. It’s even harder to believe it’s been over three years since Jennifer, her husband Bill Klein amd their two kids stopped filming their hit TLC series.

Fans of The Little Couple were excited to see Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein return to television this last month. The couple appeared on Farmhouse Fixer Wednesday, October 19, 2022, on HGTV. Sadly the couple appeared without either of their adorable kids.

Continue reading to see what news Bill and Jen’s son Will received at his latest doctor’s appointment.

Will Klein

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Takes Her Son Will Klein To Orlando For Doctor His Doctor’s Appointment

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold and her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts last year. However since all four members of her family have a form of dwarfism, they travel across the country to see specialists. This past week Jennifer and her oldest son Will Klein traveled to Orlando, Florida for Will to see his skeletal dysplasia team at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

No doubt both Jennifer and Will were anxious as they prepared for this appointment. After all, no one likes going to the doctor. The Little Couple’s Will Klein was a trooper. In fact, Will’s all smiles after seeing his medical team. He received a clean bill of health and had a good check-up. Hopefully, now the two can go have some fun in the Sunshine State.

The Little Couple - Will Klein - Zoey Klein

Will Klein All Grown Up – Almost A Full-Fledged Teenager

The Little Couple mom of two Jen Arnold’s last update on Will Klein was back in August when he and his sister started their first year of school from day one in Boston. Fans were shocked to see the little boy we all fell in love with almost a decade ago all grown up. Will Klein now towers over his mom. Plus he is almost taller than his dad. The sweet innocent baby boy has turned into a teenager in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Sadly The Little Couple returning to TLC likely will never happen. The family and TLC parted ways right as the pandemic started in the midst of settling a lawsuit between the parties. Still, fans of the Kleins are hopeful Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey return to television perhaps on a different network in the near future.


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