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Caryn Chandler Reunites With Matt Roloff’s Grandkids, See Pics

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff and his family gathered last weekend to celebrate the life of his father, Ronald “Papa” Roloff. The Roloff family patriarch died back in August. Now three months after the entire Roloff clan traveled to Arizona for a celebration of life for their beloved Papa. This was the first time in years all four of Matt’s children, their spouses, and all seven grandchildren were in the same place at the same time.

Little People Big World Season 24 now airing on TLC is still showing the fallout of the rift between Matt Roloff and his son Zach Roloff after negotiations to buy the farm went awry. Sadly the relationship between Matt and Zach’s family took a hard hit. However, the relationship between Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler with Tori, and Zach and their kids seems to be now non-existent. Sadly the real losers are the innocent children.

Continue reading to see if there has been an olive branch towards Caryn and if she can now see Matt’s grandkids again.

LPBW Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff
LPBW Caryn Chandler – Matt Roloff

Little People Big World: Roloff Reunite To Celebrate Their Papa

The Little People Big World family traveled to Arizona last weekend for a celebration of life for Ronald “Papa” Roloff. Finally, after the whirlwind Pumpkin Season ended all of Matt’s kids were able to travel to honor Papa’s life. It’s no secret the family is definitely experiencing strained relationships, especially with Matt and his twin sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff. However, family is family. So they put their issues aside and rallied together to show their love and support for Matt, Huny, and Papa.

Huny - Matt - Bode Jeremy

Little People Big World former cast member Audrey Roloff shared several pictures from the weekend. LPBW fans loved seeing Matt’s oldest four grandkids spending time as cousins. It’s been far too long since we’ve been treated to those types of pictures. However, at first, it seemed Caryn Chandler was not at the memorial. After all none of the Roloff wives shared any pictures with Caryn in them. So all assumed the hard feelings toward Caryn were still unresolved.

Then Matt Roloff shared his pictures of the weekend on social media and the real truth was revealed. Caryn was indeed a part of the memorial and reunited with Matt’s grandkids as well.

Caryn Chandler - Bode

LPBW: Caryn Candler Reunited With Matt’s Grandkids

Little People Big World celeb Matt Rolff was in all his glory this weekend having all his grandbabies together. What made it even better was seeing Caryn, their “Cha Cha” back with them finally after all these months. Matt said,

“Papa Ron would have been soooo happy to see all the cousins playing and celebrating his amazing life… A life well lived indeed!”
Caryn Chandler - Ember
Matt shared several candid pictures of his grandkids enjoying family time. Several pictures showed Caryn with Audrey and Jeremy’s kids, with an especially cute one of Caryn holding Radley Roloff. Matt also shared a selfie of his table at the memorial. Most of his children amd grandchildren were seated with him. Unfortunately seems Tori and Zach, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah sat at a different table than their other siblings and their spouses, nieces, and nephews, their dad, and Caryn.

Little People Big World fans now are left wondering if Tori and Zach are still holding a grudge against Caryn. Although they showed up for Papa, Huny, and Matt, it seems all is not forgiven or forgotten when it comes to them and Caryn.

Matt and family reunion

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