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‘Little People Big World’: Caryn Left Out Of Roloff Reunion?

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff and his children gathered in Arizona over the weekend to celebrate the life and memory of their patriarch Ronald “Papa” Roloff. LPBW  fans see the fractured relationship between Matt Roloff and his son Zach Roloff continue to play out on their family’s reality show.

Zach’s twin brother Jeremy Roloff, who walked away from the series in 2018, also has a strained relationship with their father. Plus Matt’s two youngest children, Molly and Jacob, both walked away when they turned 18.

However, this past weekend all of Matt’s children and grandchildren rallied as a family to show love and support for their father and respect for their grandfather. Still, it appears one very important person in Matt Roloff’s life was absent from the memorial that reunited Matt’s estranged children and grandchildren.

Huny - Matt - Bode Jeremy

Little People Big World: Roloff Siblings Bury The Hatchet And Support Their Dad

The Little People Big World family lost its patriarch when Ronald “Papa” Roloff passed away this summer. Finally, Pumpkin Season is over. So Matt is able to spend more time in Arizona with his mother Peggy ‘Huny’ Roloff and give his father a proper celebration of life. Of course, Matt’s  frequently in Arizona helping his mother ‘Huny’ adjust to her new life without her husband of over 64 years.

However, this was the first time since Papa passed that all of Matt’s four children, their spouses, and all seven of his grandchildren were in one place. It is no secret there are strained relationships between the siblings and Matt as well. Still, the Roloffs were able to put their petty squabbles behind them and come together to support their father and honor their Papa. The pictures say it all. The cousins finally were all together and the siblings and their spouses could not be happier to see all the kids together.


However, it appears Matt Roloff’s long-time girlfriend and likely soon-to-be wife, Caryn Chandler, was notably not in any of the family pictures. Plus Caryn wasn’t mentioned by any of the family members as they shared their experiences of the memorial on social media.

LPBW: Was Caryn Chandler Asked To Stay Home?

Little People Big World fans cannot help but wonder if Caryn Chandler was asked to not be a part of the memorial. Caryn’s made it known she’s not happy with how things are between her, Matt, Zach, and Tori. She’s said there’s not been a natural opening for her to have a heartfelt talk with them.

Caryn is used to being the “bad guy” when it comes to editing Little People Big World. However, in real life, she’s not okay with being excluded from the lives of Matt’s kids and grandkids. Caryn loves like her own. She feels hurt and unwelcome.

Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler LPBW

Little People Big World spoilers revealed Caryn Chander has quit being a cast member of the series. The current season now airing is her last. It’s possible the memorial was being filmed. So that’s a possible reason why she wasn’t there. However, all of Matt’s other kids who aren’t part of the series were. So most likely Caryn sucked it up out of love for Matt and respect for Ron. Her choice to stay away allowed the rest of the Roloffs to reunite, heal, and celebrate their Papa.

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