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‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle & Adam Busby Call It Quits

Outdaughtered star Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby have been staples on TLC for close to six years. Fans and followers have fallen in love with this supersized family of six daughters and have been anxiously awaiting for them to return to TLC’s schedule for their ninth season.

Sadly OutDaughtered fans were given a jolt of unexpected news from Adam Busby that rocked their world. Often times Adam isn’t as upfront and honest with his fans. However today he broke the sad news of the couple’s split from TLC. Continue reading to learn what prompted the Busbys to part ways with their cash cow aka TLC.

Outdaughtered - The Busbys

OutDaughtered: It’s A Wrap For The Busbys – No Season 9

OutDaughtered Season 8 concluded May 2021. Since the season ended fans of the hit family-friendly show were anxiously waiting for the Busbys to return for their ninth season. Rarely do the Busbys go this many months without a new season airing. So of course, speculation of cancellation swirled among Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

OutDaughtered father of six Adam Busby didn’t dodge fans today when they started asking questions in the comments section on another post. Rather he was brutally honest and candid with his response. Unfortunately what he said wasn’t the answer his fans were hoping to hear. Further, his response left fans of his family’s show with more questions than answers.

Outdaughtered - The Busbys

Adam Busby Says A Full Disclosure is Coming on His YouTube Channel Soon

OutDaughtered celebrity Adam Busby assured fans that he would be making a video shortly to address the question of their return –or departure from TLC. The reality tv dad said the answer was far too complex to type as a comment. Plus he wanted to make sure fans understood the thought process he and Danielle had while making such a huge decision.

The decision was not just made by the OutDaughtered parents. Danielle and Adam Busby allowed their daughters, Blayke Busby age 10, and their quintuplets, Ava, Riley. Olivia, Parker, and Hazel Busby, all age 6, to weigh in. So the decision was made as an entire family. Adam also shared he and Danielle are 100% firm on their decision and nothing will change their minds. It is evident the Busbys are walking away from the series that made their family famous and afforded them the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. See full their video on the issue below.


We are sure this isn’t the last of The Busby clan. Adam and Danielle are very busy on their social media hustling for cash and keeping fans up to date on their children

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  1. Hate to see you guys go but completely understand why you guys have to go too. Wishing you all the best Adam and Danielle and may your girls have a great future ahead of them. May they all shine in life. God bless you all. Please check in every now and then and tell us how you and the girls are doing…God bless.

  2. I guess if its what the kids want then its time to end. I do hope they make a special for those of us viewers to Keep in touch.


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