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‘Little People Big World’: What’s Wrong With Baby Josiah?

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff and her husband Zach Roloff welcomed their last child, Josish Roloff, five months ago. At first, the transition of going from two kids to three was seamless. However, in recent weeks Tori Roloff has come to regret her earlier comments. These days Josiah is proving to be her most difficult baby—a spot that Tori said belonged firmly to her diva daughter Lilah Roloff.

Little People Big World fans are growing concerned about little Josiah Roloff. Almost daily his mother Tori Roloff takes to social media and shares another horror story about her newborn. LPBW fans just cannot help but wonder what’s ailing the newest member of the Roloff family. Continue reading to see what’s causing Josiah to be so fussy.

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Little People Big World: Josiah Roloff Making Everyone Miserable

Little People Big World newborn Josiah Roloff is lucky he’s so cute. At least that’s what his momma Tori Roloff is saying since her youngest son is driving the rest of his family crazy with his erratic sleep schedule. Josiah just doesn’t like to sleep or nap. Josiah’s lack of sleep is not only affecting Tori, but also his siblings. Josiah only seems happy when he’s in the bathtub. Sadly, he cannot spend the entire day and night submerged in water.

Josiah Bath - Wont Sleep

Part of the reason Josiah Roloff is up all night is that he’s teething. Another reason that is causing the newborn to stay awake is now he’s very aware of his surroundings. So he doesn’t want to sleep and miss out on anything going on. This phenomenon is known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Clearly “Si” has FOMO. Experts cite poor napping routine, teething, and needing a diaper change as the three main causes of a baby of Josiah’s age having sleeping issues. Fortunately for Tori, these three things are very much within her control to retrain Josiah to sleep when he should be.

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LPBW: Josiah Could Be On The Cusp Of A Huge Developmental Milestone

Little People Big World cutie Josiah Roloff’s lack of sleep could mean he’s on the verge of a huge milestone in his growth. He could be gearing up to sit up or crawl or be cutting a few teeth. Of course, babies of his age are definitely capable of sleeping through the night as long as they do not have any other health concerns. Perhaps Josiah’s dwarfism is impeding his restful nights of sleep. He is certainly sleep deprived as he should be sleeping 14-16 hours a day and taking two to four naps a day.

Maybe Tori can switch up her daily routine with her social media influencer stuff and start working around Josiah’s sleep patterns. He will eventually outgrow this stage but for now it seems Josiah rules the Roloff roost. Josiah is only this small once so enjoy it while you can since he is your last one mama.

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