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’90 Day Fiance’: Are Karine & Paul Back Together?

90 Day Fiance pair Karine Staehle and Paul Staehle are one of the most dramatic pairs in franchise history. And with everything that has happened between them, viewers are curious about whether or not the pair is still together. So what’s the latest?

Karine Martins - Paul Stahele

90 Day Fiance: Paul & Karine Created Toxic Environment

As 90 Day Fiance fans that have been following Karine Staehle and Paul Staehle know, they created a toxic environment for their children to grow up in. There have always been wild allegations, with Paul alleging that Karine wanted to “murder” him and more.

And things came to a head when leaked clips showed Karine and Paul getting physical – with their oldest son Pierre right in the middle of everything.


Karine Staehle Provides Update on Custody Situation

Indeed, this set off a chain reaction of events that has left 90 Day Fiance fans wondering who has custody of the children – especially once the authorities stepped in.

And in a recent update from Karine, she confirmed that her two boys are not with her. Though even after everything that went down, she still considers herself a “good mother” – adding that her children are her life.

Of course, the vast majority of 90 Day Fiance watchers believe that neither Karine nor Paul should have custody – and that the boys would be better off in someone else’s care.

Paul Staehle & Karine Martins

Are 90 Day Fiance Pair Back Together?

Karine Staehle being with other men has been a constant topic since Paul and Karine got together. So much so that Paul had his doubts as to whether or not Pierre and Ethan are actually his.

And from the looks of it, Karine Staehle has already moved on with another man – seemingly nipping any possible reconciliation rumors with Paul right in the bud. And without her children, Karine seems to be using the time to work on her makeup and show off different outfits.


Where is Paul Staehle?

With Karine seemingly moving on with her life in more ways than one, some 90 Day Fiance viewers may have questions about Paul Staehle’s whereabouts. And in classic Paul fashion, the reality is as wild as one might think.

Based on the latest updates from Paul Staehle, he is back in the Amazon. And from the looks of things, he seems to have gone full native. In addition to taking part in strange local rituals, Paul recently shared a clip running around in the Amazon dressed in full Amazonian gear – complete with a bow and face paint.

Of course, Paul Staehle has always been a little off his rocker. And if nothing else, this is definitive proof that he is certainly no longer with Karine.

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