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‘Little People Big World’: Matt Roloff Makes Shocking Big Move

With all the Little People Big World Roloff Farms drama going on, many viewers are interested in property updates and everything that’s happening. Meanwhile, Matt Roloff recently gave fans a look at what’s happening on the farm. So what did he reveal?

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Making Changes

Based on the latest updates from Matt Roloff, it was a big day on Roloff Farms. And judging by what needed to get done, Matt had a whole crew on hand to accomplish the task. Along with that, Matt included a short video update of everything going on.

Matt Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Big Undertaking on Roloff Farms

According to Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff, they are moving the pirate ship. And not surprisingly, Matt said that it was a “big deal”. Just based on the size of the ship, moving it requires quite a bit of know-how and manpower.

Matt Roloff told his Little People Big World followers that the plan was to “pick up” the pirate ship and “move it” across the farm with the help of a trailer.

Interestingly, Matt added that since the Big House “hasn’t sold”, and there has been little interest in the pirate ship, they decided to keep it around.

matt roloff pirate ship



Matt Roloff Teases Something Special for Pumpkin Season

Little People Big World fans have questions regarding the future of pumpkin season. Indeed, there has been plenty of speculation suggesting that this year’s pumpkin season could be the last.

Based on Matt Roloff’s recent update with the pirate ship, he said that the ship would be moved to the patch – and that visitors would have the opportunity to “enjoy” the pirate ship in a way that Matt is still keeping under wraps.

Roloff Pirate Ship


So if nothing else, that’s an added incentive for this year’s pumpkin season visitors. And according to Matt, it’s a “big surprise” that they are “very excited” about.

Roloff Farms Drama All a Ploy for More Airtime?

Judging by Matt Roloff’s latest updates, things seem to be back to business as usual for Roloff Farms. And because of this, many Little People Big World fans wonder if all this farm drama was just a good storyline to secure the future of the show.

As it is, many Little People Big World watchers agree that Zach Roloff, Tori Roloff, and their children are the future of the franchise. So it certainly could be that Matt decided to kick the hornet’s nest with the farm drama as a way to remain relevant.

LPBW Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff
LPBW Zach Roloff – Matt Roloff

From what Matt recently said in the pirate ship video, he still hasn’t sold the property – and is in the middle of “making changes” to make things more “attractive” to a potential buyer. But that could certainly be code for “add more drama to secure more Little People Big World seasons” too.

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