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‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Says Josiah Roloff Ready To Walk & Talk?

Little People Big World fans get their fill of regular Josiah Roloff updates from his mama, Tori Roloff. But based on the most recent from the TLC mom, it looks like Josiah is ahead of schedule. So what did the “LPBW’ mom reveal?

Tori Says Josiah Ahead of Schedule?

Just based on the recent clips alone, you can tell that Josiah’s Little People Big World personality is really coming through. And even at just under five months old, Tori Roloff can see how “determined” the little guy is.

If nothing else, Josiah is certainly vocal – and at the rate he is going, it may not be long before he is talking and having Zach and Tori chase after him all around their property in Battle Ground, Washington.

Josiah Roloff

LPBW: Josiah Roloff Ready to Do Big Boy Things

At almost five months old, Josiah Roloff has come a long way in his development. He has grown a lot since Tori and Zach first brought him home. And many Little People Big World fans check Tori’s social media regularly for the latest on her youngest son.

Tori Roloff treated her fans to short clips of Josiah recently. In the first one, he had plenty to say – as the baby talk was in full force. And according to Tori, she said she has a “feeling” that her youngest son is going to “talk and walk” faster than his older siblings.

Little People Big World Celeb Struggling with Josiah’s Sleep Schedule

As Little People Big World fans see in these recent clips from Tori, little Josiah is already quite the firecracker. And while he is vocal these days, unfortunately for Tori, he is also quite active during the night as well.

Not too long ago, Tori was candid with her fans about the fact that she is struggling with the lack of sleep that comes with Josiah being up throughout the night. And while that’s hard to deal with when there’s just one child, Tori has to be up to take care of Jackson and Lilah as well – especially now that Jackson is in school.

Josiah Roloff

Still, even through all of the sleepless nights, it’s sweet clips of Josiah talking up a storm that seem to make it all worth it. And surely, it won’t be long until Josiah makes even more strides in his growth.

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