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Jackson Roloff Proves Nothing Can Keep Him Down

Little People Big World celeb Jackson Roloff has a lot going on these days. And his mother, Tori Roloff, recently captured some of his biggest moments. So what is he up to?

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff Doing Big Things

At just five years old, Jackson Roloff isn’t wasting any time. He officially started kindergarten. And in addition to being the big brother of the house, he stays busy with other activities like soccer.

And for fans that have watched Jackson Roloff grow up from the very beginning of his time on Little People Big World, watchers agree that he is growing into a fine young man – and that Zach and Tori should be proud.

Jackson Roloff Kindergarten

TLC Celeb Tearing it Up on the Soccer Field

Just like his dad, Zach Roloff, Jackson Roloff loves to play soccer. And if nothing else, in addition to the sport being a passion of his, he has a great mentor to show him the ropes – and that certainly seems to be paying off.

According to Tori, Jackson Roloff really “hit the ground running” – with his first outdoor soccer game. The proud TLC mom told her Little People Big World fans that watching her son was “so much fun”.

Jackson Roloff - Soccer

A Lot for Jackson to Take On

Tori Roloff went on to tell her Little People Big World fans that everything Jackson Roloff did on the field was “a lot” for “a little”. But judging by how Jackson did, he seemed to have a big smile on his face the whole time.

In addition, Tori Roloff shared some encouraging words with her fans that she also passed on to her children. And that is to “do your best, forget the rest”. And from the looks of it, Jackson certainly took those words to heart.

Little People Big World Son Doing Great Following Surgery

Jackson Roloff had plates put on his growth plates that will, over time, correct the bowing in his legs. The full extent of the results will take years to fully realize. But, at near the one-year mark since his surgery, he seems to be doing great.

And, judging by the way Jackson moves around the soccer field, it’s clear that he isn’t letting the bowing in his legs stop him from going after the ball and playing the game he loves.

All in all, Jackson has a lot going on, and Little People Big World fans love to see him take these big strides as he continues to progress on his journey.

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