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Nicole Nafziger Shocks Fans With Update On New Life & Little May

It’s no secret that most 90 Day Fiance watchers can’t stand Nicole Nafziger after watching her for years in scenes with Azan Tefou. But the one thing most fans can agree on is that her daughter, May, is adorable. And these days, she’s totally grown up.

90 Day Fiance Fans First Met Little May as a Tiny Tot

As longtime 90 Day Fiance fans will remember, May was tiny when Nicole Nafziger made her first trip to Morocco to see Azan Tefou. And on her first day there, she and Azan got into it over the way Nicole chose to raise her daughter.

So, even on day one of being together in the foreign country, there were already red flags for these two. But still, no matter the circus that this “relationship” became, 90 Day Fiance fans have always had a soft spot for May.

TLC Fans Blasted Nicole for Leaving May Behind

Years later, Nicole Nafziger was in hot water yet again with 90 Day Fiance fans – which is a place she seems to be in frequently, even among her followers. Nicole took a trip back to Morocco to spend time with Azan Tefou.

But, what was supposed to be a relatively short trip turned into a months-long endeavor – five months to be exact. Nicole took her trip to Morocco with the pandemic in full swing. And as a result, she wasn’t able to return home for months.

Meanwhile, that meant that her daughter, May, was without her mother for that time. And because of this, 90 Day Fiance fans didn’t hold back – slamming Nicole for essentially abandoning her daughter.

May Plays Big Sister To Her New Cousin Born In April 2022

It’s clear that Nicole fell in love with the little baby. Equally smitten was her daughter, May. The six-year-old girl lovingly cuddled her cousin as she beamed in front of the camera.

Nicole captioned the post: “May with her new baby cousin, Camila,” Nicole captioned the post.

Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance: May All Grown Up These Days

90 Day Fiance celeb Nicole Nafziger has largely stepped away from social media and the circus of people that criticize her. And from the looks of it, it seems to be doing her a lot of good.

These days, she appears to mind her business – and she enjoys spending time with her daughter. And recently, the young mother shared an update breaking her internet silence of May that has a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans gawking at how much she has grown. Some are shocked at how much she has grown.

May Nafziger

It turns out, May found a small frog while swimming in the pool. And Nicole Nafziger shared an adorable picture of her daughter with the frog in hand. But the little Amphibian isn’t the only thing that caught the attention of fans.

90 Day Fiance fans chimed in, saying how “beautiful” May is – and how she is such a “cutie”. And if nothing else, after all the drama Nicole has been through over the years, she seems to be doing right by her daughter – and May is flourishing because of it.

Nicole Nafziger - May Nafziger

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