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Chris Marek Reveals Why Proposing To Amy Roloff Was Horrible 

LPBW stars Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek are still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. The couple just celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a stunning Italian vacation with close friends.

The fan-favorite couple is now home from vacation and settling back into their normal routine. However, now Little People Big World fans are somewhat shocked by Chris Marek’s admission about the night he proposed to Amy Roloff.

Chris Marek - Amy Roloff Little People Big World
Chris Marek – Amy Roloff Little People Big World

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Celebrate First Anniversary In Italy

Little People Big World celebs Amy Roloff and Chris Marek married just over a year ago on Roloff Farms surrounded by family and friends. Now a year later the couple is still very much in their honeymoon phase as they celebrate one year of marriage and over five years together as a couple.

Amy Roloff never expected to find love again after her 30-year marriage to Matt Roloff ended. However, Amy met Chris Marek soon after her divorce, and soon the two were practically inseparable. Chris was a lifelong bachelor but Amy won his heart. Now the two are married and enjoying sharing their lives and many adventures together.

Amy - Chris - Italy

LPBW not-so-newlyweds Amy Roloff and Chris Marek choose to celebrate their first anniversary in a big way. The couple jetted off to Italy with four other couples and spent a good amount of time in Tuscany with the group. Then they traveled to Florence and Pisa and continued their second honeymoon alone.

LPBW: Chris Marek Comes Clean About How Horrible Getting Engaged Was For Him

In a recently resurfaced interview with Little People Big World couple Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Chris make a shocking revelation. Chris says his proposal was months in the works. He did all the right things ahead of the bid day including asking Amy’s dad for her hand in marriage. Chris was able to surprise Amy with his proposal. After all, Amy just assumed they were going to have a nice dinner to celebrate their third-year dating anniversary. However, Chris had other plans.

LPBW star Chris Marek was asked if the proposal went off without a hitch. Chris says:

“It ended up in a way being a horrible experience.”

Chris Marek - Amy Roloff - LPBW
Chris Marek – Amy Roloff – LPBW

Chris goes on to clarify that he meant that he didn’t expect to get so choked up. Chris elaborates adding the words just didn’t come. he couldn’t speak and he didn’t come off nearly as eloquent as he had hoped. All in all, it was fine and of course, Amy did say yes. However, Chris also says he is glad he never has to do that again.

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek -Credit: Instagram
Amy Roloff – Chris Marek -Credit: Instagram

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