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Jen Arnold & Bill Klein Settle Lawsuit – Back To TLC?

The Little Couple has not aired any new episodes since wrapping its last season wrapped in September 2019. Fans of the show have been anxiously awaiting for the Kleins to return to TLC. However, a trifecta of events culminated in a perfect storm that thwarted the Kleins from continuing to film their fan-favorite reality show.

Now, recent news indicates The Little Couple, and its stars, Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will Klein, and Zoey Klein, will soon be back on television in the very near future. Continue reading to see what the future holds for his reality tv family.


The Little Couple: Jen Arnold & Bill Klein Settle Lawsuit – TLC Ready To Film?

The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have been embattled in an expensive lawsuit with their producers. Recently, The Klein finally settled their three-year $7 million lawsuit against LMNO Cable Group to reclaim intellectual property rights. However, the working relationship between both parties was adversely affected. The legal battle was further complicated when Jennifer and Bill added to intervene in the case almost a year later arguing they were entitled to a portion of LMNO’s contingent compensation in their series. Also, Jen and Bill claimed they were owed a part of Discovery’s adjusted gross revenues from their series. Clearly a huge nasty legal mess.

The Little Couple - Jen Arnols - Bill Klein - Zoey - Will Klein
The Little Couple – Jen Arnols – Bill Klein – Zoey – Will Klein

Despite the settlement, The Little Couple was not renewed for its 15th season. Just as the lawsuit was settled, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Jen was weary about having camera crews around her high-risk family during such uncertain times. Adding to the perfect storm of bad timing, the Kleins contracts were up for renewal. At that time both  TLC and the Kleins agreed the time was not right to renew. In fact, TLC said they were “good” for now. Essentially The Little Couple was more or less canceled—unofficially of course. However, a recent move by TLC’s parent company Discovery has sparked the renewal rumors once again.

Will Klein - Bill Klein

Jen Arnold & Bill Klein To Appear On HGTV Soon

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold announced last month she and her husband Bill Klien are returning to reality tv this Fall. The Kleins are one of the local celebrities that Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin work with on Season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer. The second season debuted on August 25 on HGTV. Jen Klein called HGTV her favorite network. This comes across as her seemingly shading TLC, the network her family’s hit reality show aired for 14 seasons. Fans of The Little Couple can catch their episode showcasing the renovation of their Boston area farmhouse mansion sometime in October.

Farmhouse Fixer

However, in very exciting The Little Couple news, Discovery, who is the parent company of TLC, has renewed the trademark for The Little Couple. Discovery Communications renewed the trademark for The Little Couple in March 2022. This move was made despite the show being off the air for nearly three years. The original trademark was filed in 2010, the year the Kleins debuted on TLC. This news comes after Jen shared in September 2021 a teaser of her and Bill’s triumphant return to tv. Of course, now we know that it was the filming of their Farmhouse Fixer episode.

zoey klein - jen arnold

Since Discovery has renewed the trademark for The Little Couple, the path for their return to TLC is once again opened. However, the renewal of the trademark might be a move by Discovery to protect the name and prevent Jen Arnold and Bill Klein from resurrecting their series with the same name on a competing network or streaming platform.

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