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‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Shares Zoey’s Drastic New Cut

The Little Couple has been off TLC’s schedule for many years but thanks to social media fans of the show can keep up with the family. Jen Arnold proudly shares updates of her pride and joys, son William Klein and daughter Zoey Klein. Now as their summer vacation has come to a close, Jen shares with her fans and followers the Klein kids back to school looks.

The Little Couple’s Zoey Klein might come off as a girly girl diva. However, her back-to-school look shattered that preconceived notion to smithereens. Continue reading to see Zoey’s dramatic back-to-school transformation.

Zoey Klein - Jen Arnold The Little Couple

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein Gets Radical New Back To School Look

Zoey Klein has changed a lot over the years since she made her The Little Couple debut. The once shy orphaned toddler from India is now the well-loved and adored daughter of Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. Zoey liked all the frilly girly stuff, but now as a preteen Zoey’s embracing a more tomboy carefree look. Zoey’s back-to-school makeover is a radical departure from the long beachy hair she had the last few summers. So as her mom captioned the shocking picture post, “new hairstyles, new backpacks, new home, and ready for the new school year.”

Zoey Klein

The Little Couple’s Zoey Klein now sports a spunky pixie cut. Zoey used to have long hair, then she cut it to a short sassy shoulder-length bob. Now for the new school year, Zoey’s chopped her hair super short. In fact, her hair is even shorter than her big brother Will’s hair. Now Zoey is a true mini-me to her mom Jen. Now both ladies in the Klein household have nearly identical hairdos.

Zoey Klein

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s Kids Growing Up Fast

The Little Couple mom of two Jen Arnold calls her two children resilient and amazing ahead of their first day of school. Certainly, these two have not had an easy childhood. They were born across the world and since becoming Jen and Bill’s kids they’ve moved to three different cities. This year is the first new school year they’re starting from the beginning in Boston. Now with their fierce back-to-school looks, they are dressed for success.

Zoey Klein Backpack

The Little Couple fans are just in awe of how much both Will and Zoey have grown since over the last few years. The Kleins have not had their lives filmed for their reality show in over three years. So when Jen Arnold shares a rare update of the kids, fans just are shocked at the changes they see. This latest post of course is one of the most drastic. Little Zoey Klein no longer has little girl long hair. Zoey now sports a sassy and confident big girl pixie cut look ready to take this school year by the horns.

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