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‘Little People Big World’: Matt Roloff Reveals Inheritance From Dad

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff is still coming to terms with the devastating loss of his father Ronald “Papa” James Roloff. On August 1, 20202 Matt shared with his fans and followers that his 84-year-old father passed away. Now a month later the reality television star is opening up about all the life lessons he learned from his father.

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Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff is very candid in a recent online interview where he reveals what many LPBW fans do not know about his father and his childhood. Continue reading to learn what Matt Roloff inherited from his father.

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Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Gets It From His Papa

Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff shares his father Ron was a big presence in life growing up. His father was home every night to eat dinner with the family. The family prayed together and ate together daily. Ron was a hard worker and passed that work ethic onto Matt. Although Ron worked hard, he always found time for all his kids. In fact, Matt says his father was always buildings and that’s another thing Matt inherited from his father. LPBW fans know Matt is a chip off the old block with how hard he works and his love of building and of course, Matt loves spending time with his four children and seven grandchildren.

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Little People Big World star Matt Roloff says his father left him a plethora of word parables and life lessons. Many are biblical, most are just good words to live by. Matt credits his father with instilling into him a sense of self-worth amd self-respect. One of Ronald’s most common phrases was, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”

LPBW: Matt Says His Father Was His Hero

Little People Big World’s Matt Roloff gushes over his father in a recent interview saying his dad was a very inspirational father figure to him. Matt says that if he had to pick one hero in his life it would be his father. His father taught him to accept himself for who he was. Matt recalls his father saying, “everywhere you go, there you are”. He took it as code for like yourself, love yourself, cause you’ll become who you wanna love.  Matt adds, “After all, that is who you are stuck with.”

It’s clear what an impact Ronald “Papa” Roloff had on his son Matt Roloff. It is also clear Matt inherited many gifts and life lessons from his father that he in turn passed on to his own children and in turn to his grandkids.

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