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‘Little People Big World’ More Kids For Tori Roloff?

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff and her husband Zach Roloff are the proud parents of five-year-old Jackson Roloff, two-year-old Lilah Roloff, and newborn Josiah Luke Roloff. Their third child joined the family just about three months ago breaking the tie between sons and daughters for Zach and Tori.

LPBW fans recall Josiah is a rainbow baby for Tori and Zach after they suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage last Spring. Now just over a year later their new son is here. Tori often says that it seems like Josiah has always been a part of their family. Still, Little People Big World fans wonder if Josiah is the last baby for Tori and Zach.

LPBW Zach - Tori - Jackson - Lilah - Josiah

This week the fan favorite LPBW celebrity did a long overdue question and answer session on her Instagram Stories in which she puts to rest the burning question of if there’s a baby number four in the plans or if Josiah completes their family. Continue reading to see the adorable way Tori shares the news if there are more siblings planned for Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah.

Little People Big World: Clues Before Josiah’s Arrival Indicated This Was Last  Baby For Tori

Little People Big World personalities Tori and Zach Roloff, moved their family from Oregon to Washington in October 2021. The move was rather abrupt to most LPBW fans and followers. However, once season 23 of their family’s hit TLC show debuted in May the reasons behind the move were obvious. Zach and Tori wanted a fresh start further away from Matt Roloff and Roloff Farms after their offer to purchase was unsuccessful. Fans are reived Tori, Zach and their adorable pack of dwarfs (as Zach lovingly refers to his kids on the show) were not leaving Little People Big World.

lpbw - Jackson - Lilah - Tori - Zach Roloff
lpbw – Jackson – Lilah – Tori – Zach Roloff

Little People Big World couple Tori Roloff ad Zach Roloff appear to have upgraded their family home with the move to Battle Ground, Washington. After all, they did go from a two-story to a ranch and picked up a rather large two-acre property. However, their “green house” was a five-bedroom house and this new house is only a four-bedroom house. Immediately that was the first sign that baby number three would be the last baby for Zach and Tori —unless they moved again. Currently, each child has their own room. Adding another baby would mean one of the kids would have to share a room with their new sibling.

lpbw tori roloff

Additionally, Tori mentioned throughout her later months of pregnancy that this pregnancy was different. When Josiah was born Tori said she felt some sadness knowing this was the last time she would have this experience. Of course, LPBW fans didn’t want to believe Tori was done having kids. After all, most feel she and Zach make the cutest kids and are excellent parents.

Tori Roloff LPBW

LPBW: Tori Roloff Lets Jackson Announce The Big Baby News

Little People Big World mom of three Tori Roloff answered many of the questions LPBW fans have about her future family plans. Tori was asked if she feels her family is complete. Her response was,” Yes, Absolutely.” Tori then adds, ” It’s like a real feeling. I feel so content with our family. I feel this is what it’s supposed to be”.

It was a bit of a family affair when Tori updated her followers about a possible baby number four. Jackson Roloff had the honor of confirming the baby news. Tori captured her oldest son’s response to the question of if there are more babies. Jackson screamed his answer, “NO”. So there you have it straight from the mouth of babes. Josiah will be the last baby for Zach and Tori Roloff.


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