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‘Little People Big World’: Exciting Update On Jackson Roloff’s Legs

Little People Big World star Jackson Roloff underwent his first leg surgery just about nine months ago. His surgery was filmed for his family’s hit TLC reality show. Certainly, it was tough for his parents, Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff, to relive that painful time.

Now as we approach the one-year mark, LPBW fans wonder if Jackson’s legs are any better today. Continue reading to see Jackson’s amazing progress.

Jacxkson Roloff LPBW

Little People Big World: Jackson’s surgery Deemed A Success – Not An Immediate Fix

Little People Big World fans recall Jackson’s surgery is not an immediate fix. Tori and Zach Roloff opted for a less aggressive surgery for Jackson with the hope for a speedier recovery and to avoid another much more invasive procedure down the road. Jackson had plates put on his growth plates in his legs that will over the next four to five years straighten the bowing in his legs as he grows. Tori Roloff lets LPBW fans know that her “Baby J” is back to his old self these days and is pretty much fully recovered. He’s enjoying showing his new baby brother Josiah Roloff the ropes.

Josiah - Jackson River

Little People Big World star Jackson Roloff is running around, jumping into puddles, tormenting his little sister, Lilah Rolff, and baby brother Josiah and doing all the big boy summer fun things. However, you can see his legs are still severely bowed although the surgery was successful. In time, the bowing will correct itself as Jackson grows. Most importantly he’s not in any pain. In fact, it’s almost like the surgery never happened.

Tori Roloff bowed legs

LPBW: How’s Jackson Today?

Little People Big World mom of three Tori Roloff constantly is sharing pictures of all three of her adorable children. It’s Josiah’s first summer and Jackson’s last summer before starting school this Fall. So LPBW fans have seen how Jackson’s legs have progressed these last few months and from the looks of the latest pictures, Jackon’s legs are noticeably less bowed. It’s remarkable how much of a difference these last few months have made.

Jackson - Chickens - better legs

Most likely Little People Big World’s Jackson Roloff experienced a slight growth spurt over the summer. Since his surgery was to put plates on his growth plates and straighten his legs as he grows, he must have picked up a few inches. So, in turn, his legs are starting to show signs of straightening.

Hopefully in the months and years to come, as Jackson grows into a young man,  we will see the fully successful results of this surgery right before our eyes.

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