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Matt Roloff Spent Multi-Millions On Upgrades, Any Buyers Yet?

Matt Roloff, star of Little People Big World, has refused to sell his expansive $4 million farm to his twin sons Zach & Jeremy Roloff, thus it is still on the market.

Due to his inability to reach a financial settlement about the sale of the property, Matt, 60, has been at odds with his twin sons Zach and Jeremy, both 32.

On May 12, the patriarch listed 16 acres of the farm for a staggering $4 million.
The main residence, which has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, is part of the acres.
The newly remodeled house also features an inground pool, six-car garage, and a front porch.

Matt Roloff big House

Little People Big World: Iconic Big Red Barn Still Up For Grabs

The famous enormous red barn, which houses a TV production studio, guest suite, farm stand, and gift shop, is another feature of the property.
The site also has pathways, bridges, a medieval castle with Germanic influences, and a pirate ship.

Since Matt hasn’t struck a deal with any prospective buyers as of August, the property listing is still listed as “active” today.


roloff red barn

Matt Roloff Has Spent Millions On Upgrades Over The Past 2 Years

Matt Roloff reportedly spent $2,627,978 on upgrades over the past two years, according to The Sun.

According to Oregon property records, Matt improved one of the 32-acre parcels of land for $1,141,020 in 2021 and $1,089,070 in 2020.

A barn erected in 1965, a farm implement building built in 1990, a farm utility shelter built in 2007, and other improvements are documented on Oregon property records. The main residence, which was built in 1914, and the surrounding land have all undergone repairs.

roloff farms pond


Another piece of property will have upgrades worth $6,239 in 2021 and $6,906 in 2020.

A third parcel will see renovations worth $137,342 in 2021 and $147,616 in 2020.

A fifth lot had $9,699 in improvements for the same year that a fourth property had $90,086.

Roloff Property Pic Credit: Wallstreet Journal RUUM MEDIA
Roloff Property Pic Credit: Wallstreet Journal RUUM MEDIA

The 36-acre pumpkin patch at Roloff Farms, a 100-acre farm in Helvetia, Oregon, is its claim to fame.

Matt and Zach have been at odds over the farm on Little People Big World after Matt rejected Zach’s bids to buy the land.

Zach had discussed the gap between the two on the show after it was sparked by the rejection.

He said: “My dad was definitely encouraging the conversation, wife Tori and Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler came too.”

Zach Roloff - Caryn Chandler LPBW
Zach Roloff – Caryn Chandler LPBW

“The north side is the 30 acres my mom and dad shared, and the whole thing was weird, he starts making excuses… suddenly me and my wife are not good enough to run the farm.

“Whether we don’t have the money, don’t have the skillset… Tori said, ‘It wasn’t cool, I never wanna see someone talk to my husband like that ever.’”

Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Move On Buying Own Property

The TLC star’s twin brother, Jeremy, made a comparable decision when he and his wife, Audrey, bought their own property.

A previous offer on the property was made by Jeremy, which Matt also rejected.

Jeremy’s wife Audrey Has made it clear to all  posting on Instagram & any other socialmedia platform that not purchasing the property was the “death of a dream.”

audrey roloff instagram

Jacob Roloff the youngest son of Matt and his ex-wife Amy, is frequently pictured working on the farm alongside his father, which led some fans to believe that he might eventually take over the business.

jacob roloff - matt roloff

Could Matt Roloff Change His Mind?

Will Matt Roloff have a change of heart and take the property off the market? Jacob Roloff sure seems to be the only child stepping up. Could Jacob handle the running of this iconic property alone? Since the Roloff kids have all gone their separate ways it doesn’t seem likley they can all work togther to keep this amazing property in the family. But never say never right?

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