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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Announces Return To Reality TV

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold shared several huge updates about her family on social media. Last Winter she and her husband Bill Klein and their two children, William Klein and Zoey Klein, moved from St. Petersberg Florida to Boston, Massachusetts. The family relocated once again for an amazing career opportunity for Jen. Now after over seven months of living in a two-bedroom apartment with two adults, two kids, and two dogs, Jen and the family are packing and finally moving into their new Boston home.

The Little Couple celeb was excited to share all the particulars of her new house. After all, she was instrumental in both the construction and design. However, while discussing the new home features Jen Arnold revealed exciting news about her and Bill’s television future. Continue reading to learn when you can next catch The Litte Couple family on television.

The little couple jen arnold

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Excited About Her Family’s New Home

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold once again uprooted her family for a too-good-to-turn job opportunity. It’s been a long few months since the move and the entire family had adjusted to Boston life. Now Jen is overjoyed to share she’s taking a few days off to pack, unpack, and put the finishing touches on her family’s multi-million dollar new home. Since Jen, Will and both the kids are little people, they had several modifications to make to the home before it was liveable for them. Now months later the home is ready for the Kleins.


Fans of The Little Couple know Jen Arnold loves all things coastal. So of course the new home has that coastal flare with a farmhouse twist. Jen says it’s farmhouse coastal with a very New England feel. Although Jen is capable of designing solo, this time she had the help of Jonathan Knight (from New Kids On The Block fame) and designer Kristina Crestin, stars of HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer.

The duo’s known for renovating stunning old properties into fantastic modern updated homes while keeping with the integrity and charm of the original. A very giddy Jen shared the news that this dynamic duo assisted her in this endeavor. Then addressed to her fans and followers that they will have to wait a few months to get the full tour of her family’s new digs.

The Little Couple - Will Klein - Zoey Klein

Jen Arnold Announces Return To TV – Shades TLC?

Fans of The Little Couple are over the moon and as excited as Jen Arnold is over the news they’re returning to television this Fall. The couple is one of the local celebrities that Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin work with on Season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer. The second season kicks off on August 25 on HGTV. In Jen’s Facebook Live she referred to HGTV as her favorite network. Of course, this comes across as tossing shade at TLC which aired her family’s reality show for 14 seasons.

Farmhouse Fixer

So in order to see the beautiful new home of The Little Couple family, you will have to wait to catch their episode on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer in October. All we know so far about the new home is that is  5400-square feet on a one-acre parcel with six bedrooms, and five and a half bathrooms. All costs to renovate to modernize the old home and to make it accessible for The Kleins were paid for by them—not HGTV. Although the network typically buys each homeowner they feature with one high ticket item like a sofa or dining room table.

Once the airdate for the Kleins episode is announced we will share the update.

How do you feel about Jen Arnold and Bill Klein returning to reality tv?

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  1. I am deliriously happy to know that I will soon be able to see my fav family of 4 on TV again! Also happy to know that hospitals are still so aware of Jen’s medical talents, and all the things she overcame to get where she is today, that they are trying to outdo each other with big salaries and extra perks to entice her to join their staff. I wonder if her sweet Mom ever dreamed that not only would Jen find a great physician position, but that hospitals would fight over who got her?
    I hardly recognize Will and Zoey they have grown so much! I hope they have time to flourish academically while off screen and are ready to be TV stars again. Bill and Jen seem like terrific parents who have taught their children so much more than just academics.

  2. I can hardly wait❣️❣️ I LOVED watching the Little Couple and have greatly missed following them! Will and Zoey were just adorable❣️

  3. Loved the show I followed since the begining it eas my number 1 show on Tlc
    I was disappointed when it didn’t come on anymore…
    So glad it’s returning and will be so happy to c the kids how much they grew up🥰😍

  4. I’m Just Thrilled My Fave Couple Will be Back With Another Amazing Season! I Adore Them So Much! Loyal Fan! Mrs Lauralee Anne Rios


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