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‘Little People Big World’: What Happened to Molly Roloff?

Little People Big World fans hear a lot about Zach Roloff and his other siblings. But, there aren’t nearly as many updates on Matt and Amy’s only daughter, Molly Roloff. So what is she up to these days since quitting the show?

Little People Big World: Siblings Still in the Spotlight – Except Molly Roloff

With Zach Roloff the only one of his siblings still filming Little People Big World, it makes sense that he and his family get the most attention out of Matt and Amy’s children. But even so, there’s one member of the family that gets the least.

Even with Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Roloff no longer filming, they are more active on social media than Molly Roloff. Indeed, she keeps her life the most private out of everyone. So naturally, Little People Big World fans are curious.

Amy Roloff - jacob Roloff - Molly Roloff

What Happened to Molly Roloff?

Matt Roloff never said exactly what the final straw was to get Molly to walk away from the show for good. But he hinted in the past that an “incident” occurred. According to the Roloff family patriarch, they were worried about Molly becoming involved in “something”.

Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff went on to say that there were “overzealous” fans that wanted to get to members of the family that they were “fixated” on.

And while that doesn’t necessarily narrow anything down, whatever it was seems to have been severe enough for Molly Roloff to quit the show and move on with her life – even though she makes occasional appearances from time to time.

Amy Roloff - Isabel Roloff - Molly Roloff

What Does Former Little People Big World Celeb Do These Days?

These days, former Little People Big World celeb Molly Roloff lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Joel Silvius. And based on how she is doing, she made a name for herself away from the reality television fame of her family.

It turns out, Molly Roloff is a Senior Accountant – External Reporting at Nordstrom. And even without income coming in from the TLC show, she carved out a sizable nest egg for herself – with an estimated net worth of $700k.

LPBW Amy - Molly - Jacob Roloff

All in all, she seems to be living her best life with her husband, Joel. And every once in a while, she comes to town to visit her parents. And in other cases, the parents come to visit her in Washington.

Molly Roloff even makes occasional appearances in Amy Roloff’s cooking videos. So if nothing else, the family bond is strong even after Molly stepped away from the spotlight. And from the looks of it, she has done quite well for herself.

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