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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Family Make Peace – Feud Over?

Little People Big World fans know all about the Matt Roloff family feud over Roloff Farms that has been dominating the headlines for months. But did the entire family finally make peace?

Little People Big World: Roloff Family Feud Going on for a Long Time

As Little People Big World fans keeping up with the Roloff family drama know, there’s a divide in the family over Roloff Farms. More specifically, over Matt Roloff deciding to put 16 acres of the farm up for sale.

Indeed, despite both of his older sons showing interest in the farm, Matt decided to put a chunk of it up for sale rather than sell to his older sons and keep it in the family. And because of this, many viewers feel as though Matt deliberately cheated his older sons out of what is rightfully theirs. Matt has a master plan and that will unfold as Season 24.

LPBW Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff

Season 24 Will Wrap Up The Feud On Show?

Matt Roloff, the patriarch of Little People Big World, might not be nearly the adversary of the family that his kids have portrayed him to be. In reality, everything suggests that Matt has a solid strategy. The relationships between all of his children will ultimately be saved and strengthened, despite the fact that it is currently generating conflict.

Matt Shares Sad News With Fans

Fans of Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff were recently informed of his “papa’s” passing. Matt and Caryn traveled to see Matt’s parents in the first half of July 2021. So, at the very least, he got to spend some time with his “father.”

Ronald James Roloff died “peacefully,” according to Matt Roloff. In addition, Matt said of a man he truly loved that he was “an inspiration to many” in his Little People, Big World fan fiction.

According to what else Matt Roloff said, Matt’s mother, who has been her husband’s wife for 63 years, was by his side when he passed away. And in his final words, he told Matt that he was “proud” of what he had accomplished.

ronald roloff - peggy- buny roloff

Little People Big World Family Feud Over?

Recently, Matt Roloff announced the passing of his father, Ronald “Papa” James Roloff. Matt’s father passed peacefully surrounded by his loved ones – including all of Matt’s children and grandchildren.

Matt Roloff told his Little People Big World followers that all the grandkids were able to be by his bedside to “hold his hands”. In addition, Matt tagged all of his children in the update announcing his father’s passing. he said : “thanks to all the grandchildren that were able to race to his bedside and hold his hands with mom and I in his final moments here on earth!! love love to all! @jacobroloff45 @zroloff07 @jeremyroloff @mollyjosilvius #lovelove #beleiveinchristforpeace”

Ronald Roloff - Bunny - Jackson

With all of the grandchildren Roloff family there to say their final goodbyes to Papa, many viewers wonder if this was the first step toward healing the family rift and ending the feud. Certainly, death has a way of bringing people together and making them rethink what’s important in life.

So if nothing else, even though there may still have been bad blood and hurt feelings within the Roloff family, it certainly looks like everyone coming together to mourn and celebrate Matt’s dad was a unifying experience for all. And it’s clear they put their differences aside for a man that meant so much to so many.

Ronald Roloff

R.I.P. Ronald “Papa” James Roloff

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