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‘Little People Big World’ Matt Roloff Suffers Devastating Loss

Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff suffered a devastating loss recently. And while much of the Roloff family drama of late has centered around the farm, this recent tragedy hit close to home in a big way.

As Little People Big World watchers saw as the latest season wrapped, there was a lot of family drama all around. Particularly as Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler made one last pass through Western Town – a section of Roloff Farms that the family patriarch put up for sale.

For some time now, Little People Big World fans have called out Matt Roloff for dividing the family and creating unnecessary drama. But every once in a while, tragedy strikes in a way that makes you forget some of your temporary squabbles. And that certainly seems to be the case according to the latest news.

LPBW Matt Roloff
LPBW Matt Roloff

TLC Celeb Loses His Dad

Matt Roloff recently broke the news to his Little People Big World fans that his “papa” passed away. In the first half of July 2021, Matt and Caryn visited his folks. So if nothing else, he was able to spend some quality time with his “papa”.

According to Matt Roloff, Ronald James Roloff passed away “peacefully”. And speaking of a man he greatly admired, Matt told his Little People Big World fans that he was an “inspiration to many”.

Based on what else Matt Roloff had to say, Matt’s mother (and wife of 63 years) was with her husband in his final moments. And in his last words, he spoke to Matt of how “proud” he was to see everything he accomplished.

In addition, Matt thanked all the grandchildren that were able to “race to his bedside and hold his hands”. And along with that, Matt tagged all of his children in the sad update.

Ronald Roloff

Little People Big World Loss Bringing Family Together?

As Little People Big World fans know, there has been a lot of feuding within the Roloff family for some time. But, Matt tagging all of his children in this recent update to celebrate Ronald and a “life well lived” could be an attempt to make peace.

Indeed, death has a way of shifting priorities – allowing people to focus on the things that are truly important in life. And while it remains to be seen if this can be the thing to heal the wounds in the family, it certainly seems like a solid first step toward that as the family mourns and celebrates the life of Ronald “Papa” James Roloff.

In June Matt Roloff His Mom And Dad Did Top Gun Together

Ronald - matt roloff

Matt shared: “Went to see Top Gun with my folks while in AZ… great movie! wonderful visit. so nice to have them living down here so close to us. celebrated father’s day early with both my folks and Caryns folks. sorry. didn’t take any photos of that… we were all too busy being in the moment.”
Grandpa Roloff loved spending time with his great great grandchildren as family was everything to him.
Ronald Roloff - Bunny - Jackson
Our Condolences To Matt Roloff & The whole Roloff family.. R.I.P. Ronald Roloff








  1. Sorry to hear loss of
    May “James Roloff “RIP
    He was an inspiration to all, he will be dearmissed
    My condolences to all the family & friends.
    Toronto 🇨🇦Canada 🍁


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