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Winter Everett Flaunts New Body In Red, White & Blue Bikini

The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiance Fans of Chantel Everett might imagine Winter Everett to be her heavier younger sister. However, the younger sibling has significantly come into her own during the past three years in particular.

Star of The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiance Winter Everett has battled weight issues her whole life. It’s all about body positivity and accepting curves these days. Yet Winter still battled with her image.These days she has a whole new outlook and it is shining through. Check out her huge changes.

Winter Everett

Fans are aware that Winter’s family is filled with drama. And that is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the Everett family are suitable for reality television and have their own spin-off from the 90 Day Fiance series. Winter’s older sister Chantel is going through a painful separation/divorce from her husband Pedro Jimeno. As Chantel’s world is crashing around her, it seems Winter is picking up steam with her whole new healthy lifestyle & fashion.

the family chantel - pedro jimeo - chantel everett

90 Day Fiance – Winter Everett Drops Over 100-Lbs

The focus of Winter Everett this past year is fitness. And part of that entails adopting a generally healthier lifestyle. The updates from Chantel Everett’s younger sister are all about her exercise routine and diet. She had gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, and the show followed her travels there. Winter has lost more than 100 pounds here is her amazing update.

Karen Everett - Winter Everett - River Everett

Viewers are even more impressed by her fitness journey when they know where she started. Winter revealed to her 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel fans that she eats five to six smaller meals a day in addition to working out at the gym. And judging by the outcomes, it appears to be helping her.

Winter Everett Rocks That Bikini In The Ocean

On the TLC star’s most recent posts, it’s obvious that Winter Everett has her beach body ready for the water & hot summer. Her latest post is the most revealing yet since losing over 100-Lbs. Winter posted a carefree picture in a red, white, and blue bikini. She rocked long blonde braids and went for a natural look with a big gorgeous smile.

90 Day Fiance wineter everett

Her followers on social media had a lot to say to about the baby sister of Chantel Everett.

Here are some comments encouraging Winter’s fitness journey. Her brother River wrote: “Live your best life!!” Fans told her:

“you are beautiful!! embrace that sh*t and hold yourself high as high as you want your king to hold you!!!!”

Winter booty shot

“Summer looks good on you Winter”


Fans also told Winter she is an inspiration to them.


Winter bikini

Winter Everett Is Committed To Healthier Living Since Bypass Surgery

Working out may become addictive once you start seeing results on the scale and can fit into clothes you couldn’t before, as anyone who has gone through a weight reduction journey is aware.

Winter Everett has come a long way in just the past year. She seemed to have turned into a full-fledged gym rat. She claims that the “squat rack” is her newest addiction.

Winer Everett - The Family Chantel

It’s undoubtedly simple for people who lose weight to veer off course and revert to their unhealthy behaviors. However, Winter Everett made a conscious decision to get addicted to something good, and the outcomes speak for themselves.
Fans love seeing Winter living her best life. Flaunting all her great fashion style alongside sister Chantel Everett.
Winter - Chantel Everett
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