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‘Little People Big World’: Audrey & Jeremy Ready For TV Return?

Little People Big World alums Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey Roloff have been busy since they decided to walk away from their family’s hit TLC reality show in 2018. The couple is now parents to three children, Ember, age 4, Bode, age 2, and 8-month-old Radley. There have been lots of exciting happenings for this Roloff family of five.

However, the couple’s latest big announcement has LPBW fans and followers chattering about their possible return to reality television. Continue reading to find out how Jeremy and Audrey’s latest move could land them back on television perhaps at a rival network from the one that made them “stars”.

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Little People Big World: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Buy Their Own Farm

Little People Big World celebs Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey Roloff finally are farm owners. After an extensive state-wide search all over Oregon, these Roloffs finally have made their dreams of owning a family farm a reality.

LPBW fans recall Jeremy’s mother, Amy Roloff, mentioned on camera this season that Jeremy tried twice to purchase the Northside of Roloff farms unsuccessfully. His twin brother Zach Roloff also attempted and failed as well. Now both brothers have found their own properties away from the farm they grew up on.

lpbw zach and tori house

The Little People Big World alums new property cost $1.5 million. The property includes four acres of land along with a farmhouse with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. the farmhouse was but in 1979 and it’s rather dated. So, this type of property is in Jeremy’s wheelhouse as he enjoys a good renovation challenge. Audrey and Jeremy closed on the property in May and announced their exciting news a few weeks later. Coincidentally Jeremy and Audrey’s farm is less than a 10-minute drive from Roloff Farms.


Jeremy & Audrey Ready To Return To TV – Perhaps On HGTV?

Anyone that followers former Little People Big World star Jeremy Roloff knows that he is a chip off the ‘ole block when it comes to DIY projects around his home. Certainly, Jeremy picked up a thing or two spending so much time with his father Matt Roloff working on projects over the years on Roloff Farms.

Jeremy showed his considerable skills often as he remodeled their Portland Oregon home. Plus the couple also renovated a cabin in Bend, Oregon they plan to use as an income stream renting it out as an Airbnb. So when the former reality television couple shared that their new property needed considerable work, chatter immediately swarmed this property would perhaps be the perfect vehicle to relaunch their reality television careers.

lpbw audrey and jeremy roloff new farm

However, Little People Big World fans might not find that home renovation show on TLC. Jeremy’s been pretty vocal slamming TLC for fabricating drama within their family for the sake of a television show. Jeremy ad Audrey choose a different path to make their income. While on that path they discovered their love of renovation and interior design. Now with their latest acquisition, they could be courted by rival networks like HGTV or the Magnolia Network to star in their home renovation show. Certainly, many LPBW fans would tune in to see Jeremy and Audrey’s new series.

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