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Matt Sacrificed To Save Family, Shocking Truth Behind Farm Deal

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff took a hard hit for the sake of his family and its legacy with his unselfish act of love. LPBW fans recall that Season 23 of the family’s hit TLC show largely centered on the aftermath of Matt Roloff’s and his twin sons, Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff’s failed attempts to buy the North Side of Roloff Farms. The rift it caused between Matt and Zach was central to almost every episode as the short 10-episode season played out.

However Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff may not be quite the enemy of the family his children have made him out to be. In fact, all signs point to Matt having a master plan. Although for now it is causing strife, ultimately will save and strengthen the bonds between all his children for decades to come. Read on to see what Matt’s master plan is and how it saved his family.

LPBW Matt Roloff

Little People Big World:  Intentionally Overpriced Roloff Farms – No Plans To Sell At All?

Little People Big World celebrity Matt Roloff warned his family via email that he was going to list Roloff Farms for sale after the failed attempts with Jeremy and Zach. No one responded as they felt Matt was being Matt and would never sell their family farm to strangers. Matt priced the property more than double then what it appraised for two years prior knowing none of his children could afford that price. So the new owners will be strangers. This ends any dream of a family legacy being passed down to the next generation. The family farm as they all know it is essentially no more… or does it?

Little People Big World fans watched in disbelief as the For Sale sign was placed at the entrance to Roloff Farms. Certainly, a bittersweet moment as the season ended. So it’s now a cliffhanger of sorts until Season 24 starts filming. LPBW fans are anxious to learn if Matt is successful in selling the farm. Currently, Roloff Farms is languishing on the market for almost 90 days without any serious interest from any buyers.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Sacrices His Relationship With Twin Sons For The Sake Of Theirs

Little People Big World father of four Matt Roloff proves his love for his family by not selling any portion of Roloff Farms to his children. Both of his twin sons wanted to buy the farm. They hoped to raise their families where they were raised. Matt did not come to terms with either Jeremy or Zach. Jeremy even attempted a second offer with no success. Of course, the boys felt their father was being greedy and lying about wanting them to continue the legacy. The fact is Matt was protecting his family from an even larger rift.

Jeremy - Zach - Matt Roloff Why Matt Roloff Did What He Did

Little People Big World alum Jeremy Roloff and Zach’s relationship wouldn’t recover if one son was picked over the other to buy the farm. So to avoid future animosity between his sons, Matt made the purchase price unattainable for either. In essence, he fell on the proverbial sword for the greater good of his sons’ relationships with each. Eventually, Jeremy and Zach will forgive their father. So for now, Matt is fine being vilified by the family. He’s protecting their legacy. One day they will realize his extreme act of love. This is a case of the ends justifying the means. Matt is happy both sons have new properties and homes and the Roloff family has stayed in tact.

Amy Roloff Knew All Along

Also Amy Roloff knows exactly why Matt did what he did, she is going with the flow as the show needed that extra drama. Amy & husband Chris Marek have grown extra close to Matt & Caryn. Amy would have never allowed this new found friendship if Matt had truely pulled the rug right out from under her sons. Amy knows Matt has a master plan. It seems it was all worth it because Amy & Chris slipped up and told fans they are renewed for season 24.

What do you think, is this what really happened?

Amy Roloff - matt Roloff - LPBW

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