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‘OutDaughtered’ When Will Adam & Danielle Busby Be Back?

Outdaughtered star Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby are the talk of social media since Adam alluded to their family’s show cancellation. Fans and followers have enjoyed this wholesome family show for eight seasons. We’ve watched Danielle and Adams’s six daughters, Blayke Busby, age 11, and quintuplets, Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby, all age 7, grow up in front of our eyes. So it’s hard to believe we won’t be seeing them again on TLC’s schedule.

A formal announcement was made explaining the family’s decision to stay or part ways from their wildly successful reality show. Now as fans come to terms with the Busby’s split from TLC, they wonder what is next for this family of eight. Continue reading to see what we know so far.

Adam Busby - Outdaughtered

OutDaughtered: Danielle & Adam Busby Walk Away From Their TV Show?

Outdaughtered aired its last episode last May. Fans have been anxious for the show to return. TLC doesn’t usually announce cancellations or new seasons until the very last minute. So fans have pestered Adam relentlessly on his social media posts. Finally Adam came clean in the comments on his social media. Sady, it was not the news OutDaughtered watchers were hoping to hear.

Outdaughtered patriarch Adam Busby let fans know that he plans to make a video shortly to address the question of their return –or departure from TLC. The reality tv dad said the answer was far too complex to type as a comment. Plus he wanted to make sure fans understood the thought process he and Danielle had while making such a huge decision. Adam also said the decision was made by the entire family, including their daughters, and that they were firm in what they decided. Adam & Danielle did a video explaining everything to fans. See below

adam busby - danielle busby - outdaughtered

So all signs pointed to self-cancel their hit series and move on to other ventures. No doubt OutDaughtered made them “famous” as well as wealthy. So now they are content to live a more private life away from the cameras. Hopefully, they can successfully parlay their celebrity into their numerous other business ventures.

What’s Next For The Former TLC Stars?

Outdaughtered celeb Danielle Busby is laser-focused on getting the brick and mortar location of her successful clothing line Graeson Bee off the ground. She’s been sharing updates on the progress of her “baby Boy”. She’s certainly proud of what she’s accomplished. They finally had the grand opening in June 2022. Of course, the success of Graeson Bee is in part to their notoriety from being on a hit reality show. Sadly it’s unfortunate Danielle and Adam are choosing to let their show but the Busbys are doing what is best for their family.

Commercials For The Quints?

Adam Busby has shared several commercials Riley and all of the quints have participated in which pay handsomely. Adam & Danielle do a lot of paid promo ads for several companies as well.


More Family Members In Future?

Of course, there’s one other looming item in the wings for Danielle and Adam now that the cameras won’t be following them. The couple still is open to adding a son (not a dog or business) to their family of daughters. It would have to be via adoption and only if they are so moved by God to grow their family. Thankfully the Busbys have a huge social media presence. So even though they won’t be on TV anytime soon, fans surely can keep up on all their exciting adventures through their multiple digital platforms. Check out their full explanation below.

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  1. Devastated outdaughtered is not returning. Watched it from day 1 in uk and always got excited when new series announced 😪😪😪😪


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