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‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Reveals One More Pumpkin Season

Little People Big World star Amy Roloff is speaking out against her ex-husband Matt Roloff’s decision to sell the family’s long-running Hillsboro, Oregon, farm, and is issuing a dire warning about the end of the treasured pumpkin season.

Amy Roloff  told pal Lisa Dixon that the farm was “very personal” to her because she and Matt raised their four children, twins Zach and Jeremy, daughter Molly and son Jacob there. After the pair split up in 2019, Amy sold her share to Matt.

amy roloff lpbw


Little People Big World Amy Roloff Opens Up About Saying Goodbye

She described how it will “feel strange” to know that a “complete stranger” will soon be the owner of a house with such a rich history and memories for her family. Matt and Amy had shared ownership of the farm for almost 30 years. “You have to say goodbye,” the TLC personality lamented, because she no longer has a say in what happens to the property. You are unable to return.”

With the sale of the farm, it looks that the years-long tradition of pumpkin season at Roloff Farms may come to an end. Amy said in a live “I expect this to be the final one,” Amy said of the crop’s fall harvest in 2022 and the festivities that will accompany it.

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Amy Roloff Continued To Be Part Of Pumpkin Season til the Very End

Even after the Little People Big World couple divorced, Amy continued to attend the cherished destination’s yearly Halloween and autumnal customs during pumpkin season. While Matt and Amy conducted 30-minute guided private tours, the Roloffs dressed up in festive seasonal costumes to greet guests and the farm. For many families in the Pacific Northwest, visiting Roloff Farms during pumpkin season has become an annual event.

On May 12, Matt Roloff announced that he had put the farm up for sale for $4 million. Well, the cats are out of the bag,” Matt said in an Instagram photo while standing next to the “For Sale” sign in the front yard of his family’s longstanding home. I want to make sure you all get the good news from me.

“For the past 30+ years, @rolofffarms has offered me and my family much delight!” “Today, 16 acres of the farm’s 109 acres, including our original family home and brilliant red barn, are up for sale,” he continued. “It’s a little terrifying but largely exhilarating… it’s time to go toward the next season of life,” the father of the Roloff family added.

LPBW Matt Roloff
LPBW Matt Roloff

Amy & Matt Roloff both will stay busy with all of their wonderful grandchildren in the Roloff fold. Amy is a newlywed and Matt has a significant other. They all travel and live life to it’s fullest. Maybe now they all will be able to enjoy traveling during fall time which was once the Roloff pumpkin Season.

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