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‘LPBW’ Josiah Roloff’s Big Adventure With Lilah & Jackson

Little People Big World mom Tori Roloff took baby Josiah for a major first recently – and the whole family tagged along, even Murphy. So what did the Roloffs recently get up to with the newest member of the family?

Josiah & Jackson Roloff LPBW
Josiah & Jackson Roloff LPBW

Little People Big World: Josiah Roloff Almost Three Months Old

As Little People Big World viewers keeping up with Josiah Roloff’s journey know, the little guy is almost three months old. And he has come a long way as far as adjusting to his new family goes – and experiencing a lot of firsts in life.

Indeed, a new member of the family means a lot of baby updates on a regular basis from Tori Roloff. And with LPBW off the air until next season, Tori is the go-to source for all things Josiah.

Jackson - Lilah Roloff Beach

LPBW: Another First for Youngest Roloff

At nearly three months old, Josiah Roloff is experiencing many things for the first time. Whether it be his first bath or his first Fourth of July, everything is new for Jackson and Lilah’s baby brother. Meanwhile, the family took him out for another first recently.

It turns out, Tori and company took Josiah Roloff out for his first ever beach day. As Little People Big World viewers know, everyone loves the beach – even the family dog, Murphy. Meanwhile, based on the pics Tori shared with her fans, it looks like they all got to share their love of the sand and sun with Josiah Luke.

lpbw - jackson - lilah - zach - murphy lpbw - beach

LPBW : Adorable Pics of Josiah’s First Day at the Beach

Tori and Zach have a favorite beach spot that they go to whenever they want to get their beach fix. And according to Tori, Jackson and Lilah loved showing their “lil’ bro” their favorite spot.

Tori shared adorable pics of all three of her children – including Jackson holding his little brother while sitting on a log. Meanwhile, at one point, all three children curl up in Josiah’s stroller.

josiah - jackson - lilah stroller beach day

All in all, it looks like everyone had a good time. In addition to hugging their brother, Jackson and Lilah got to play in the sand – and Murphy got to run around and get out some of his energy.

Even Mimi chimed in, commenting on the “lovely family time” they seemed to have. And all things considered, it’s safe to say that Josiah’s first day at the beach was a success all around.

josiah beach day

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  1. Glad to hear about season 24! I am so happy that Amy told Matt that he made a mess with the family. She just needed to go further and tell him it all started with having his mistress working for them , letting it break up the family and then allowing her to change the plan for the future of the farm. He is no longer thinking like a family man, and least of all like a father! When none of the kids responded to the email, that should have told him they all had nothing more to say to him.


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