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‘Little People Big World’ Amy Roloff Confirms Season 24

With Little People Big World Season 23 in the books, many viewers wonder if there will be a Season 24. As one of the longest-running TLC shows today, viewers are hungry for more. So what’s the latest?

Little People Big World Season 23 a Wrap

Another season of Little People Big World has come and gone. And for many viewers, the latest season wasn’t long enough. Meanwhile, between all the Roloff Farms drama that went down in previous episodes, there was plenty for viewers to dig into.

Now some think it was Matt Roloff trying to keep up the drama giving the show more seasons. After all Matt Roloff was a paid Hollywood actor and knows how to ‘act’.

Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff LPBW

Will There Be a Season 24? – Amy Roloff Spills Tea

Because Little People Big World has been on the air so long, longtime viewers are attached to the program and the comings and goings of the Roloff family. Meanwhile, with Season 23 over, Amy Roloff recently dropped hints about future plans – including more seasons for the show.

LPBW Amy Roloff Live

Amy Roloff recently did a Live Q&A with fans – and she confirmed that they were “filming”. Indeed, more filming would certainly translate to future seasons of the long-running TLC show. In an earlier interview her now husband Chris Marek also confirmed they had already signed on for another season, which is season 24.

lpbw amy- chris

Little People Big World fans are eager for details like a release date. But for now, it’s too early to tell. Amy Roloff encouraged her fans to stay tuned. And she added that if history teaches us anything, it’s likely that what they are filming won’t premiere until “March or April” of next year.

Little People Big World Fans Want Different Direction?

With everything going on surrounding Roloff Farms, some Little People Big World fans want to see Matt and Caryn off the show. And even though that likely won’t happen, many say that they’d watch the show even if it were only Zach and Tori, their children, and Amy and Chris Marek. Fans have been split down the middle over the Roloff’s divorce, but there are Matt & Caryn fans as well.

Jackson Roloff

Roloff Property Drama Will Carry Over To Season 24?

Indeed, Amy criticized her ex-husband for creating a “hornet’s nest” with the farm sale. And with the way things currently stand, the Roloff family drama will likely carry over into the new season. Many believe it is all manufactured drama for ratings. Some fans are ok with however the show is saved. In reality these exes seem to get along famously with their significant others. Fans have seen instagram posts and also on the show they all hang out with no problems.

Matt Roloff - caryn Chandler - Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

But if nothing else, the fact that they are already filming for future episodes is a good sign for those hoping for new episodes. And if nothing else, the show will go on.

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