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‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Let Exciting News Slip

Little People Big World fans can breathe a sigh of relief.  Although TLC has yet to officially announce that the fan-favorite reality show is indeed returning for Season 24, two of the series regulars have already let the cat out of the bag. Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek “accidentally” dropped big news about the future of the hit TLC show while doing an interview before their wedding special was to air.

Little People Big World - Amy - Chris

LPBW fans of course will be delighted to know the series should return to the schedule either later this year or early next year. The current season just wrapped a tumultuous drama-packed season in which the future of Roloff Farms was left up in the air.

Continue reading to see what Chris Marek let slip and how many more seasons of Little People Big World are planned based on this not-so-innocent leak.

Chris Marek LPBW

Little People Big World: Season 23 Ended With A Cliffhanger Of Sorts

Little People Big World Season 23 aired its finale earlier this week. Although this season was a mere 10 episodes, it certainly packed a lot of drama into these few episodes. The season started with LPBW fans learning of notations for Zach Roloff to purchase Roloff farms and went south fast after his father Matt Roloff rejected Zach’s offer. The rift between these two Roloff men played out the entire season. Zach and his family ultimately moved out of state to Battle Ground, Washington to make a fresh start far from the farm and toxic relationships.

Matt Roloff Caryn & Jackson

Little People Big World fans also saw Amy Roloff, her husband Chris Marek, her ex-husband Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler become almost besties. Of course, Amy still finds this relationship awkward. Still, she’s moving forward for the sake of her kids and grandkids.

Sadly when Little People Big World Season 23 aired its final scenes, we saw Matt Roloff putting the most iconic 16 acres of Roloff Farms up for sale. Matt did inform his family of his intentions months prior. However, none of his kids acknowledged that email with a response. They chalked it up as another one of their dad’s far fetched plans. Unfortunately, their bluff was called. Then Roloff Farms went up for sale.

lpbw - amy - chris - caryn matt
lpbw – amy – chris – caryn matt

Although not shown on the series, LPBW fans know Matt listed the farm for a staggering 4 million dollars. Currently, the farm is languishing on the market for over two months with no serious interest from buyers. So we’re left to wait for Season 24 to see if Matt Roloff is successful in selling the farm. Although many fans believe the listing of Roloff Farms was solely for ratings of the season that just wrapped.

Roloff Property Pic Credit: Wallstreet Journal RUUM MEDIA
Roloff Property Pic Credit: Wallstreet Journal RUUM MEDIA

LPBW: Season 24 Unofficially Confirmed by Cast – Season 25 TBD?

Little People Big World stars Amy Roloff and Chris Marek gave LPBW fans the best news earlier this year. In an interview with ETOnline, Chris Marek shares, “We just signed up for two more seasons”. Chris then said, “who knows what will happen after that”. Now that Season 23 is in the books, it’s pretty much confirmed Season 24 is a given. Sadly Season 25 and future seasons beyond that have an uncertain future.

Amy Roloff - Chris marek - Little People Big World
Amy Roloff – Chris marek – Little People Big World

Little People Big World initially followed the lives of a then-married Amy and att Roloff and their four children. Currently, their only dwarf son Zach Roloff and his family are part of the show. Rumors of course are circulating that Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, and their pack of dwarf children (as Zach lovingly refers to them), Jackson, age 5, Lilah, age 2, and newborn Josiah will eventually get their own spin-off series.

LPBW Zach - Tori - Jackson - Lilah - Josiah

Little People Big World matriarch Amy Roloff says she’s open to keeping filming the show. Although Amy understands that it’s up to the rest of the family as a group to make that decision as well as the powers that be at TLC.

Catch up on Season 23 and all past seasons of Little People Big World streaming on Discovery+.

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  1. There is no way Caryn is sad, this is exactly how she wants it. She is happy that she will get cash.

  2. I would absolutely love Zach, Tori and their beautiful children to have a spin off series. But I don’t want LPBW to end. I still love watching this family.

  3. I love this show. Amy and Chris are amazing. Zack and Tori are just so cute. I think Zack handled the farm
    Scenario well. I’m so happy for his family I think moving was the best situation for them. They now can build something for their family 💕

  4. So pleased lbtw will carry on showing on tlc,love this programme ,love the children so cute,Chris has shown us fans how genuine he his,love tori and zach and Amy as well ,

  5. I always loved this family. I loved watching from the very beginning and seeing them grow. I’m afraid with all the kids leaving that its going to turn into a show about Amy, Chris, Carlyn & Matt’s new found friendship. 😏

  6. I love this family, I learned about them the year before Zach and Tori started dating!! I can’t stand Caryn & her fake self!! I hope they stay on for along time!! Amy & Chris love you too, together!!!


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