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The Shocking Reason TLC’s ‘The Little Couple’ Will Not Be Back?

The Little Couple has not aired new episodes since wrapping its last season in 2019. Fans of the show have been anxiously awaiting for the Kleins to return to TLC. However, if the developments now surfacing are true, it explains why The LittLe Couple has yet to return and likely why new episodes will never be filmed.

Will Klein The Little Couple

No official decision about whether the series will be renewed for another season has been made. Fans are concerned that the plug for future seasons of one of their favorite TLC series might have been pulled. After all, no new episodes have aired in the last two years. Sadly The Kleins have been embattled in an expensive lawsuit with their producers. Continue reading to learn why that lawsuit and a perfect storm of other circumstances are the culprits behind the end of The Little Couple as a TLC series.

The Little Couple: Fans Anxiously  Waiting For Season 15

The Little Couple had a fantastic run for 14 seasons. During that time fans got to watch Jennifer Arnold and her husband Bill Klein live their lives as two people with dwarfism. Then in later seasons fans had a front-row seat to witness in back-to-back seasons The Kleins adopt their son William Klein from China and their daughter Zoey Klein from India. Both of their children also have dwarfism. Jennifer and Bill wanted to adopt children with the same medical issues.

jen arnold - bill klein - will - zoey

Since the show wrapped its last season, Bill and Jennifer relocated their family of four from St Petersburg, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts. This is another move The Kleins made to accommodate  Jennifer’s medical career.  It would have been a perfect time for TLC to resume filming daily to chronicle their move. However, it was a perfect storm of events that contributed to the demise of the future of The Little Couple.

Lawsuits, Contracts, and Covid Are To Blame For “Cancellation”?

In July 2020, The Little Couple stars Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein finally settled their three-year $7 million lawsuit against LMNO Cable Group to reclaim intellectual property rights. But unfortunately, it seems the working relationship between both parties has been hugely affected by the fiasco. Then legal battle got more complicated when Jennifer and Bill added to intervene in the case almost a year later. Jen and Bill believed they were entitled to a portion of LMNO’s contingent compensation in their series. The Kleins also claimed they were entitled to a part of Discovery’s adjutes gross revenues.

will & zoey klein - the little couple

Unfortunately the legal battle came with severe consequences. The Little Couple wasn’t renewed for season 15 despite the settlement. Right before the lawsuit was settled the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Jen and her family decided it wasn’t the right time to have film crews in their home. Recall Jen is a cancer survivor so she is immune-compromised. Additionally, all four of the Klein family are at high risk due to their dwarfism.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Says Door Is Open – TLC Says Otherwise

However, that was not the only point preventing The Little Couple from being renewed. The Kleins contracts were also up for renewal. Since the lawsuit was still unsettled, coupled with the pandemic and their contracts needing renegotiation, TLC opted not to pursue future seasons. Jennifer claims the door is still open. However, she also says TLC says they are good with how things are for now. So it’s pretty much the conclusion that the unofficial word is The Little Couple as a TLC series is no more.


Fortunately, fans of The Little Couple can keep up to date on all lives thanks to Jennifer Arnold’s active social media platforms. Jennifer is constantly updating fas and followers of all the wonderful things she and the kids are doing with their lives.

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