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Tori Roloff Breaks Silence – Sets Fans Straight

Little People Big World mom Tori Roloff has three children with dwarfism, as fans are aware. Meanwhile, Zach Roloff’s wife recently clapped back at fans over medical issues affecting her babies. So what did she have to say?

Little People Big World: Jackson, Lilah & Josiah All Born with Dwarfism

Longtime Little People Big World fans know that all of Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff’s children have dwarfism. And because of this, a laundry list of medical issues can pop up over the course of their lives as a result.

Jackson had to go in for leg surgery to fix the bowing in his legs. Jackson’s procedure was a less envasive surgery than Zach and Matt Roloff’s.

zach roloff - tori roloff -lpbw

And when it comes to Lilah, many suspect that she will have to undergo a similar leg surgery as well – in addition to an eventual surgery on her eye, according to her mother, Tori Roloff.

Even so, Tori Roloff recently roasted a Little People Big World fan that got too nosy about her children and their medical issues. Meanwhile, she spoke out against nosy fans as a whole.

LPBW Lilah Roloff

Tori Roloff Let TLC Fans Have it

A common topic among Little People Big World followers is debating dwarfism and the various medical conditions that pop up as a result. And the latest wave of this gained even more fervor with the arrival of Josiah and the knowledge that, like his siblings, he has dwarfism too.

But according to Tori Roloff, fans debating and speculating about the medical history of her children is “so frustrating” – and a major aspect she hates about putting their lives on television.

Along with that, Zach Roloff’s wife told her followers that they have doctors and people they “can trust” when it comes to the health of their children. In addition, Tori went on to say that they have things “under control”.

Little People Big World - Tori Roloff
Little People Big World – Tori Roloff

What Did Little People Big World Fans Say?

With these biting remarks from Tori Roloff, many of her fans wonder what inspired such a heated retort. And it seems this was in response to a viewer saying they were “worried” about Lilah Roloff and her language skills. But Tori said “don’t be” in response.

As viewers see in clips, Lilah struggles when it comes to things like speech. But according to her mother and her doctors, Lilah is making progress. So as far as Tori is concerned, it’s not the business of her followers to worry about her daughter’s speech or anything else related to her children.


Meanwhile, based on Little People Big World clips, Lilah is opening up more with her little brother Josiah. Indeed, she expresses herself and her love for her new baby brother. And by all accounts, everything is going according to plan regarding the health and well-being of Zach and Tori’s children.

lilah roloff - josiah

Be sure to watch new episodes of Little People Big World, every Tuesday on TLC and Discovery Plus. And for all the latest LPBW news, come back again to Entertainment Voices.



  1. When your in the TV show business, your children are in the limelight and people are going to say things. So if you don’t like it then maybe you should stop being on the show!

  2. Way to go Tori people just have to be nosy I get it and completely understand your frustration and don’t blame you for firing back. I would have too there are too many people that think they are better parents you two are doing great.

  3. Tori , You are doing a fine job on caring for your children and there health just keep doing what you are doing. People need to stop talking about the bad that they think is going on and look at the good that is there. We all have children that may or may not have needs and we take care of them when the time is right not when someone tell us to do it. And Lilah’s speech will come when the Lord gives he the words to say. God Bless you and Zach and the children.

  4. that is be rude , if you don’t like watching this family then you don’t watch it, as far Tori and Zack they have more understanding then you do as they live it daily and know what is best for their children

  5. This is no one’s business!! Leave these people alone for God’s sake!! Tori and Zack are doing a beautiful job with their beautiful children! I pray for all of the Roloff family! 😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️

  6. I enjoy watching you and your family I pray for all of you and Thank God you allow fans to see the children grow. As fans I feel we should respect the decisions you and Zach make in regards to your children you are with them 24-7 and know them best,just as I as a parent know my kids.You both are awesome parents and I hope you will continue to let us watch your children grow. God Bless you all

  7. tori has alot on her plate with 3 kidsall the same,that means 3 times surgerys and other health problems, unless you walked a mile in her shoes don,t judge so i understand alot what she,s going threw my grandson didn.t talk for his first 2 years ,and he was born blind in one eye and had to have surgery and wear glasses.he,s better now but there was alot of scary times with him.so back off with the comments,unless you,ve been there

  8. Our Grandson had a speech problem most of his primary school…now he won’t shut up as an adult LOL
    Our Granddaughter had both her knees fixed/they kept dislocating when she ran/she is 5 foot 8.
    Both great grand kids are having tubes in their ears…
    yes…all children can need something fixed…


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