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‘Little People Big World’: Matt Roloff Passes Down Family Treasure To Jacob

What Matt Roloff gave his youngest son Jacob Roloff for his milestone 25th birthday was pretty cool. Jacob & Matt have really bonded the past couple of years and it is nice to see. 2020 has been full of hurt feelings over Matt’s latest unpopular decision to put Roloff Farms on the market and not sell to twins Jeremy or Zach Roloff.

Fans are happy seeing Matt show his youngest the love especially since the two have had their ups and downs as father and son over the years.

This past January Jacob celebrated his first birthday as a father, Matt Roloff gifted his youngest a family heirloom. Continue reading to see the legacy Matt passed on to Jacob and its long family history.

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Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Gushed Over Youngest Son On His 25TH Birthday 2022

Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff loves his rapidly expanding family. He’s a father to four and a grandfather to seven with grandbaby Josiah recently born. Matt’s youngest son Jacob turned 25 this past January and that was the perfect time for Matt to show Jacob and all LPBW fans how he feels about his son.

LPBW fans watched Jacob grow up on camera until he turned 18 and decided to live his life out of the spotlight. In the last few years, Jacob matured, got married, and started his own family. He and his wife Isabel Roloff welcomed their first son Mateo in December. Matt Roloff says he cannot be more proud of the man his son has become.matt roloff mateo roloff instagram

LPBW: Jacob Roloff Gifted Family Heirloom

Little People Big World alum Jacob Roloff was happily surprised with the most amazing gift from his father Matt. Jacob is the latest in a long line of Roloffs to own this family treasure. A yellow 1967 Volkswagon is now Jacob’s new ride. The original owner was Jacob’s grandfather who used it to drive to work in the 60s and 70s. Then the car was passed down to Jacob’s Aunt Ruth who drove Matt to school in that car.

Eventually, the adorable family car was passed to Little People Big World’s Matt Roloff and shipped to Oregon. Matt had the car fully restored and enjoyed driving it for a while. However, now it’s time for the car to pass down to the next generation of Roloffs. Matt told Jacob that the car “is yours to keep and pass on down the line”.  Now whether or not this car is passed to Mateo or another future child of Jacob remains to be seen. For now, Jacob is enjoying this most special gift on a very special birthday.

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Little People Big World: Matt Plans Special Celebration For Jacob

In addition to the car Little People Big World celeb, Matt Roloff had more fun planned for his son. In his post showing off Jacob behind the wheel of the Roloff VW, Matt captions with a reminder of his party plans for Jacob. Matt said, “I know today 1/17 is your actual day. But Don’t forget about our dinner celebration tomorrow night with Caryn and I take long you and your family out for a private dinner with Brittany and her SO”.

Certainly, Jacob Roloff had one heck of a birthday celebration that will be hard to top for his next milestone birthday!

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  1. I think Jacob is getting more then he deserves. He never wanted to be part of the show and even accused some in production of sexual misconduct. He left home as soon as he was old enough to get away from the show. But now that he is a dad, what wasn’t good for him is good enough for his son? Two faced much Jacob? Even Jeremy and his wife left when They did not want to deal with public opinion. Zach was the only one that stuck it out and was always there for the pumpkin fest and what ever. Caryn needs to keep her nose out of stuff timm she has the Roloff name. There is still a chance she might never get it.

  2. I was so hoping Zack and Jeremy would get together and buy the farm and run it! Zack has been there since day 1. After Jeremy left the show, Zack worked even harder. Both Zack and Jeremy get along very well together and could add so much to the farm. The house is actually big enough for the 2 families to live in together and not be cramped for space.
    I am totally SHOCKED Matt would even entertain the idea of Jacob running the farm!!!! Well its a wait and see!

  3. What do you mean accused? The producer served time for sex crimes. Are you saying Jacob is making this up???? Shame on you.

  4. Zach and Jeremy couldn’t work together. Jeremy knew he’d be stuck doing all the work; knowing Zach is less than motivated to work.

    Zach can barely tie his shoes let alone manage a farm. All Matt’s hard work would be ruined if Zach was to manage.

    Jeremy simply wanted to pay next to nothing. Which wouldn’t be fair to his siblings inheritance.


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