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‘LPBW’ Did Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Take Over Botti Farms?

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff no longer have any affiliation with the taping of Little People Big World. In fact, it has been a while since they bid their reality TV careers farewell. Despite this, the former LPBW stars continue to receive media attention because Audrey & Jeremy Roloff share daily on social media what their plans and events are.

The former Little People Big World celebs are building their own brand with writing books and are also social media influencers. Recenetly Matt Roloff father of Jeremy had the internet on fire with his rejection to sell Roloff Farms to either Jeremy or Zach Roloff.

lpbw jeremy zach roloff

Audrey Roloff Bitter Over Matt Roloff’s Decision

Fans recently have watched that story unfold on the show. Audrey was the most vocal  about Matt’s refusal to sell the farm to her and Jeremy. She was very bitter and shared her feelings to her social media following.

“We tried to buy the farm back in May of 2020,” Audrey began her response, providing a link to the podcast episode in which she and Jeremy discussed the topic. She added, “In short, Jer had hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child. It was something he was lead to believe was possible.”

lpbw audrey roloff

Audrey went on to describe how Jeremy was quite explicit about his plans to live on the farm, both at home and in front of millions of viewers on the show. Living on a farm became Jeremy and Audrey’s shared desire after they got married, which they also made public on the show (before they stopped filming), in their book, and on social media.

Then, according to Audrey, when she and Jeremy were prepared to make their offer, Jeremy’s family wasn’t supportive.

jeremy and shack

Fans Think Jeremy & Audrey Bought Her Parent’s Farm

Along with all of this, Audrey & Jeremy continued their desire for their own farm. Audrey did announce that she had finally made that purchase. The pair reportedly currently live on a 4-acre farm. As a result, rumors about Jeremy taking over Audrey’s parents’ company spread.

Evidently, the Botti Farms, located in Oregon itself, is owned by Audrey’s parents. Therefore, scenario put up by LPBW fans claimed that Jeremy may have visited Audrey’s family when his property offer with Matt didn’t work out. In fact, Jeremy operating a tractor at the Botti farms was mentioned by another viewer in one of Audrey’s articles from this year. They do, however, have a separate property in Hillsboro, Oregon, according to the well-known wife’s newsletter and Instagram post. It is not Audrey’s parents’ property, and the pair found it after two years of searching.

audrey roloff parents

Audrey Roloff So Happy About New Farm Location

On social media, Jeremy and Audrey have always been very open about their personal lives. In fact, they both frequently discussed buying more farmland to live on. They had originally planned to reside on Roloff Farms, but things didn’t work out. However, the LPBW couple finally located the ideal location after two years of looking. In fact, Audrey mentioned that their new home would be adjacent to her parents’ property, Botti Farms. In actuality, Botti Farms is “down the street” from the location. Furthermore, the distance between these two locations is only about half a mile.

Currently, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are the proprietors of a $1.5 million 4-acre farm! They haven’t actually moved in yet, but they want to do so shortly. The property still needs a lot of work, according to Jeremy’s Instagram photos. As a result, they are very busy. Actually, their location affords a view of a train trestle. Since Jeremy asked Audrey to be his wife there, the new residence holds sentimental meaning for both Audrey and Jeremy.

lpbw audrey and jeremy roloff new farm

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  1. Good for them!!! Matt is a terrible humanbeing , ever since he has been with Crayn he has turned his back on his children. He promised Jeremy and Zack the farm would be theirs, Matt is nothing butt a greedy little man. Even with Amy he was cheap. Don’t care fro either one of them Matt and Cayrn, they both make me sick

  2. Matt is a low life telling his children all their life’s quotes the Family farm ect… now a weird girlfriend is put ahead of his family . It’s sick. !! She is a price of work and runs him ! Those grandchildren will never know the real story.

  3. He will lose the relationships of the kids and grandkids only because of his girlfriend and trying to please her. I have seen men turn their back on their kids and put all the money and attention on the girlfriend as though they never had kids in the first place. If Jer had approval of 1.5 million into the new farm and Matt refused their offer, he wanted a whole lot more and was not satisfied taking a little bit less something is wrong with him. I didn’t like the way he acted before the divorce to his wife and the flurting of Whatever her name is, is another thing. I would have fired her the first time she flurted. You would know what all would have been coming after that. Sick woman to break up a family and try to act like she had nothing to do with it falling apart.


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