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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Engagement & New Gig?

Little People Big World Dad Matt Roloff has been in the middle of a lot of controversy involving his legacy property, Roloff Farms. So far on Season 23 most of the drama is stemming from Matt not selling the beloved North Side property to either of his sons Zach or Jeremy Roloff.

Matt Roloff says he needs to keep moving forward and that is just what he’s doing with his latest ventures. Matt Roloff’s new gig launches September1st on the heels of fans finding out about the property being put up for sale.

lpbw matt roloff

What Is Matt Roloff’s New Gig?

Matt Roloff, the star of Little People Big World, announced that he is starting a new YouTube channel.

In July, Matt, 60, updated his Instagram bio to announce the news. He posted a link to a YouTube page with the message, “Matt Roloff — new YouTube channel live September 1.”

The TLC star’s Instagram account links to a YouTube page that doesn’t offer any details on the kinds of videos that will be available there. Six videos that were posted in late 2021 and early 2022 are, nonetheless, present on the page.

Matt Roloff Youtube Link

What Is On Matt Roloff’s Youtube Channel?

The father of the Roloff family provided followers a peek inside his routine and work at Roloff Farms in the previously updated films.

He revealed the information while still at odds with Zach Roloff, his son. LPBW viewers observed the father-son tandem bargain over the family farm after Zach, 32, expressed interest in taking over a portion of Roloff Farms. They couldn’t agree, so Matt ultimately decided to put the farm’s 16 acres—which include the former family home and barn—up for sale.

Zach Roloff Offended By Dad’s Reasons

The negotiations were depicted in the season 23 premiere in May, during which Zach referred to the setting as “poison.” The three-time father also stated that he was “offended” by Matt’s refusal to sell him the land. “Everything about it seemed strange. Zach remarked in a confessional interview that “all of a sudden, he produces excuses and reasons why we’re not good enough to run the farm.”

LPBW Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff
LPBW Zach Roloff – Matt Roloff

Amy Roloff Chimes In, Not Happy About Her Ex’s Choice

Amy Roloff, Matt’s ex-wife, commented on the conflict and acknowledged that her ex should have chosen “the higher road.”

Amy Roloff told Us Weekly in June, “We’ve heard throughout time this was going to be part of the family, this was going to be the legacy, and now to see the ultimate result with a ‘for sale’ sign.” Change happens; it’s not always pleasant, but eventually, perhaps this will be a step when we can all advance and consider methods to reunite. On the show fans see Chris Marek actually breaking the news to her, while she stands stunned.

lpbw amy roloff - matt roloff
lpbw amy roloff – matt roloff

Groundbreaking & Engaged June 30th?

Matt recently broke ground on his sigificant other’s dream house. Matt recently said on an episode that when he breaks ground on the new house, that is the day he and Caryn are engaged. His ground breaking day was June 30th 2022. Fans should watch for an engagement announcement soon?

Matt & Caryn spend a lot of good times with his ex Amy & her new husband Chris Marek. Matt loves sharing pics on his instagram of the 4 together. He also fights ‘trolls’ daily. Matt does not stand down with them he pushes back, like his recent caption :

“Cheer this photo on!!! That’s the tall and short of it! Period,”“Negative people, please go away gracefully … you don’t possess adequate discernment to speak your inadequate mumble jumbo.”

Matt Roloff - caryn Chandler - Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

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