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Angela Deem Loses Over 100-Lbs Shows It ALL Off In Itsy-Bitsy Bikini

There have been a lot of death hoax stories about 90 Day Fiance alum Angela Deem, but that is just what they are hoaxes. Ms. Deem is living her best life after losing over 100-lbs  with a whole new transformation it seems she is going full speed ahead.

angela deem surgery

Angela Deem, who is one of the largest personalities in the 90 Day Fiance franchise has revealed a significant transformation. The TLC alum is twerking in a small bikini to celebrate her personal victory after undergoing weight reduction surgery and losing more than 106 pounds.

The 90 Day Fiance Alum posted a video of herself dancing sensually to “Wobble” by V.I.C. on her social media along with the caption “Having a blast.” The bigger than life reality star was cheerful as she got ready for a day at the beach with pals. Read on to catch Angela’s big transformation and bikini dance, be prepared there’s a lot of body parts poppin out.

Angela Deem 90 day fiance

Ms. Deem Has Huge Overhaul On Teeth

Along with having weight loss surgery, the reality TV star also revealed on 90 Day Diaries that she had pricey dental work done.

In the episode from April 2022, Angela was seen traveling to Beverly Hills to address one of her “major insecurities.” Her dental makeover was expected to cost a pretty penny, since the combined cost of dental implants and significant bone augmentation may be over $25,000 for her.

90 day fiance angela deem teeth

How Did Angela Deem Lose The Weight?

The Hazlehurst, Georgia, native received a lot of praise from viewers and 90 Day Fiancé alumni in the comments area. Annie Toborowsky commented “Go Angela go.” Cortney Reardanz, a former cast member of Before the 90 Days, encouraged her and wrote the poem “Turn up.” It seems Angela has a lot of support from all walks of life.

Angela acknowledged to Us Weekly in March 2021 that she underwent five procedures in one day, including gastric sleeve surgery, breast reduction, and liposuction, to obtain her new slimmer figure, despite the fact that her husband, Michael Illesanmi, disapproved of her getting surgery.


Husband Michael Ilesanmi Not Happy About Her Big Changes

During the fifth season tell-all of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After in October, Angela revealed she would be having weight loss surgery, and her fiancé was less than sympathetic. The Nigerian man believed that instead of having his wife undergo weight-loss surgery, the money should be spent for in-vitro fertilization so that they might have a child together.

90 day fiance angela deem

Angela Deem Clowns Michael & Usman

Recent social media behavior by the couple gives rise to the possibility that their relationship may be in trouble. Since November 2021, Angela has not posted a picture or a video of her husband on social media. It seems Michael has deleted his Instagram account.

Last February 90 Day Fiance past cast member Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar who was married to ‘Baby Girl’ Lisa Hamme was hanging out with Michael in Nigeria. Angela did not like it at all and it seemed to cause a rift between Michael and Angela.

Angela captioned clowing them with: “Birds of a feather flock together, the Happily Ever After?” Angela captioned a screenshot of the pair on her Instagram Stories, placing a laughing emoji over Michael’s face.

michael - usman Living Her Best Life, Michael Stuck In Nigeria?

Angela Deem living it up in Vegas, Florida and anywhere else there are huge events. She recently posted her ‘Sleepover’ with lady friends in a ultra short babydoll top, with nude biker shorts underneath. Fans were not impressed with the cigarette in her hand but Big Ang has never been known to care what others think even her Doctor.

Michael Ilesanmi was exposed to this daily, maybe it became too much for him and he fled social media? Do you think Angela and Michael are still together? How do you like Angela Deem’s new transformation?

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