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‘Little People Big World’ Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler Finally Engaged?

LPBW star Matt Roloff shared an exciting update about construction on Roloff Farms. Finally, after years of planning and other delays, Matt broke ground on the new house that he and his long-time girlfriend Caryn Chandler will share. Matt Roloff gave a date on when he and Caryn would be engaged. Read on.

Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff has said for years the “DW”(Double Wide) is not his long-term home on the farm. Furthermore, Caryn Chandler has made it clear she will never live in the “Big House” Matt and his ex-wife Amy Roloff raised their family all those years while they were married. So does this news means Roloff Farms is no longer for sale. Please continue reading to see what this all means for Matt Roloff’s plans for the farm and his relationship with Caryn Chandler.

Matt Roloff big House

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Puts Roloff Farms Up For Sale

Days before Little People Big World Season 23 debuted on TLC, Matt Roloff announced he placed 16 acres of Roloff Farms up for sale. The entire farm is over 100 acres. So Matt will still own the lion’s share of the property. However, the most iconic parts of the farm, including the red barn and the family residence are part of the sale. The farm is listed for a whopping $4,000, 000.00. As of now there’s been no serious interest in the farm.

lpbw matt roloff barn

Little People Big World fans watched as the fallout played out n their screens from Matt’s son Zach Roloff and his wife Tori Rolff’s failed attempt to buy the home. In that same episode, LPBW fans also learned from Matt Roloff that when his family learns of his plans for the farm they might end up hating him. Now today it appears Matt’s taking steps to move his plans forward.


When Will Matt Roloff & Caryn Finally Marry?

Many Little People Big World fans are hopeful Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler will finally marry. In recent episodes, they both say they are life partners. Matt and Caryn are in it for the long haul. Amy’s husband Chris Marek has been cited as saying Matt and Caryn have almost everything worked out except the official proposal.

LPBW: Breaks Ground, Matt & Caryn Engaged? 

So now with Matt posting the official groundbreaking of the new house, a marriage proposal seems like the next step. On the latest LPBW, Matt said when “he officially breaks ground on the new house that is the day he and Caryn are engaged.” Caryn laughed and said “the way Matt changes his mind it could be 6 years”, but Matt has proved her wrong and did break ground on her new house. See videos below.

So is the Little People Big World celeb still looking to sell Roloff Farms. As of now, that property remains up for sale. However, Matt’s been making countless improvements in preparation for pumpkin season. Plus, now there’s the start of the construction on his and Caryn’s forever home. Fans should be seeing an engagement announcement from Matt Roloff soon since he let that cat out of the bag on the July, 5th LPBW episode.

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  1. Well, Amy never appreciated or treated Matt well. I don’t think she ever loved him. She berated him in front of the kids, family, and strangers. Kept such an cluttered messy home that it was dangerous for Matt to maneuver. He finally had enough and ended the marriage…walked out the the DW and never looked back at Amy. The nightmare was over. The farm was Matt’s dream from the start. Amy was never fully on board. She made him go back to the software sales job jetting across the country and world. It was extremely taxing on his body. Amy didn’t care. She complained at every purchase, every idea, she even complained when Matt wanted to get help brought in helping with the cleaning etc. Now she sees the beauty and the masterpiece Matt built and is sad that the north side of the farm is being sold. I can’t say that I have any empathy towards her. With just an ounce of kindness towards Matt he would still be there and Amy would still be the matriarch of Roloff Farms.

  2. you said it the exact wayi seen it all along and ive watched from the beginning whe kids were way little ones and first started. amy puts on her eel sorry for her self but most people can see right thru her, matt never smiled much at all with her, hes a happy camper now ad ready for the glorious new beginning, hope amy can hang on to chris, but she wont even use his last name, whats up with that? if trying to make caryn jealious, well what of??caryn is a woman that works with her hubby, i myself worked along with my hubby what ever he did, he loved it and id still cook h/m meals he liked and kept a house up emaculate, and his family loved to come visit and was always welcome.im waiting to see how long it will take for amy to run chris to the ground.. right now he’s taking it all in because seeing what marriage is all about, she’s already set her foot down few times on her, so unless she quits being so spoiled and demanding poor chris,, and he’s got a heart of love n kindness,its a matter of time, and that where she said if she knew matt was going to sell the farm she would have bought him out,, lol with what?? that was a farce for sure, she fell in love with chris,, new adventure who’s she trying to fool…lol

  3. Their Bldg a House on the Farm?, I thought they had a House in Az? So, Some of the land is still his, that’s why he’s Bldg on it? That would make sence.land?, If yu got land, build on it! Does Caryn , like that??

  4. Matt fell out of love for Amy years ago. It doesn’t matter what kind of house she kept. It seems you are team Matt and find fault in everything Amy does. But do you even know these people in real life? Have you ever met them? Or are you going off what you watch on TV which is scripted? Just because it is on TV doesn’t mean what you see is the real people.

  5. Live and let live. You know nothing about the family, only an hour’s worth of scripted, edited clips. Personal insults only demonstrate your own lack of self worth, bitterness, and unkindness. Don’t try to drag happy people down to your level. Have some dignity.


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