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‘Little People Big World’ Matt Roloff Breaks Silence About Caryn’s Wealth?

The TLC world has evolved significantly in the sixteen years since Little People Big World first aired on television. Matt and Amy Roloff, a former LPBW couple, are divorced and dating other people. Amy Roloff is happily married to Chris Marek and Matt Roloff is very happy with longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Caryn Chandler Still Gets Dragged Over The Coals

Caryn still receives a lot of criticism for being with Matt only for financial reasons, but the LPBW community has been gracious enough to welcome Chris with open arms. The TLC star dispelled these claims by saying that his girlfriend is wealthier than he is, nevertheless. To learn more, continue reading.

On Little People Big World Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have been extremely open about their love. In reality, they both started dating in 2017, and they both refer to one another as their “life partners.” The LPBW fanbase still has a problem with Caryn, though. They grew to believe that Matt’s girlfriend was solely interested in his money after years of witnessing his success. In fact, in the view of many fans, Caryn still embodies the stereotype of a “gold digger.” Even today, LPBW followers frequently use social media to criticize Matt’s partner by leaving insulting comments on his posts. The Little People Big World star finally gave in recently and ripped into the “trolls”.

Caryn Chandler Is Much Richer Than Matt Roloff?

Evidently, a suggestion was made that Matt needed to force Caryn to sign a “prenup.” The TLC star then revealed something startling. It turns out that Matt Roloff explained Caryn Chandler’s net worth is $4–5 million and that she is not, as some admirers have claimed, a gold-digger. She is three times as wealthy as Matt is.

Later, a Reddit commenter claimed that Caryn was partners in a business with her ex-husband. She allegedly prospered financially as a result of the divorce settlement. As a result, viewers started to understand that Matt’s discovery was accurate. In addition, some LPBW followers admired him for defending his partner.

Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff LPBW

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Has Great Business Mind For Tv Drama

Matt Roloff excels at playing the part of a reality star. Consequently, he has a penchant of divulging important information about his life away from the camera. In fact, after disclosing that he is selling a portion of Roloff Farms, he shocked the whole LPBW fanbase. At first, his sons Jeremy and Zach were supposed to take over, but they fell out. As a result, he is offering the property for sale. Matt used his Instagram account to share another stunning revelation as he made this major one. It comes out that Matt’s ex-wife, Amy Roloff, is still owed a sizable quantity of money.

LPBW Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff
LPBW Zach Roloff – Matt Roloff

More To The LPBW Story Than What Viewers See On TV?

It turned out that Roloff Farms was jointly owned by Matt and Amy. But after their divorce, the LPBW matriarch was prepared to part with her portion of the property. Ultimately, Matt took the land back from her and became the sole owner of the family heirloom. As a result, he owes his former partner a substantial sum of money. Therefore, viewers were quick to realize that there is more to the story that the show doesn’t capture.

It is well documented that Matt Roloff has spent multi millions of dollars renovating the farm hence the huge 4 million dollar price tag. He owes Amy Roloff almsot 700k. As of this writing there are no buyers of the Roloff Farm property. Matt Roloff recently broke ground on his property to build his dreamhouse for his lady love Caryn Chandler.

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  1. well, i surely hope alot of those that were down on matt n caryn.,their tongues swell. good for you matt to put the details on so people will quit calling caryn a gold digger, was always about amy , poor amy, well, she got what she wanted and matt has the right to what he wants also,and why is amy still useing the roloff name? is she ashamed of chris’name oor is she trying to make caryn jealious?well its not bothering cary because some day she will be the real now roloff.amy is a merick, why does chris let her get away with that, unless shes “controlled” him into that to..its all new to chris, but when the time comes i believe the foot will be put down,,and last but least, it says matt owes amy yet 700k, so how did zack n tori think they should have got the place, matt knows what he’s doing for sure,, thats all folks! for now

  2. Oh now yall are turning against Amy, why can’t yall just leave all of them alone, i love the show and everyone in it…just watch it, if you don’t like it don’t watch it

  3. IT makes me laugh to hear it said that karen was rich before she met matt…hahahahahaha she got money from the last husband she married..and divorced ……………and that felt really good so then she decided to go after matts………… she can hardly kiss him on the cheek for goodness sakes…..it takes all she can muster up to kiss him… and she has said more then once in the last few times we have heard them talk … they are life “partners”…… and it was mentioned once about her moving in and living with matt and she shriked about it!!!!! i heard her.. and it was to the effect that certainly was not going to happen.. but soon she realized what she did then tried to cover it up with.. IF they found in the future that they want to move in together.. that it…. might… be possible… blar blar blar.,……she so fake… and im not the only one that sees it!!!!! and i saw what matt said about his 2 boys ….buying the farm ….he went on about how jer and zach were suppose to take over the farm…. he made it worse by saying…..”but they fell out”…………. that is NOT HOW IT WENT MATT AND YOU KNOW IT….. FOR ONE THING YOU WANTED TO DEMAND THEY DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED DONE WITH IT ALL IF THEY BOUGHT IT……..AND SECOND OF ALL AFTER PROMISING THOSE BOYS FOR YEARSSSS THAT you WAS GOING TO MAKE THE FARM …. A FAMILY LEGACY…. BUT WHEN THE BOYS OFFERED YOU A MILLION BUCKS..( ALL THEY COULD PAY!!!!) YOU WANTED MUCH MORE.. AND SO YOU REFUSED TO MAKE YOUR PROMISE GOOD ABOUT IT BEING A FAMILY LEGACY!!!!! SO UP FRONT AND HONEST YOU AND KAREN ……………ARE NOT !!!! JUST DECIDED I COULD NOT LET YOU AND BETTY MORRIS…. TELL A COMPLETELY…… WRONGGGGGG STORY!!!!!PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT THE REAL STORY IS!!!!……

  4. Ummm do you have your own life? I’m wondering because you are SO involved in a tv show! Go hike, go swim, go live ! Leave these poor people alone!

  5. Everyone tries to say well, Caryn is worth 4 to 5 million so she is not a gold digger – like she would not want more money? 🥴 Seems that Matt really loved Amy at one time until Caryn came along. Slowly, Roloff Family is torn apart and farm is being sold. Job well done Caryn. End of Story.


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