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Tori Roloff Shows Off Josiah’s Huge Growth Spurt, Says He’s Killing Her

Little People Big World has a new member of the Roloff family – Josiah Roloff. And as he was recently born, fans are curious about his latest updates. And from the looks of it, he has grown a lot since he was born.

Little People Big World: Josiah the Newest Roloff

As Little People Big World fans know, Tori Roloff shared baby bump updates for months while Josiah Roloff was in the womb – long before viewers knew she would have a boy. And because of this, many felt like they knew him already once he finally arrived at the end of April.

tori roloff baby luke

As with all new babies, every update is a big one. And since he was born, Tori Roloff has been keeping her Little People Big World followers in the loop regarding everything Josiah. And many say how adorable this new addition is.

Little People Big World: Josiah Settling in with His Family

Even though it has only been a little under two months since Josiah Roloff came into the world, he seems to be settling in nicely with his Little People Big World family. And from the looks of it, viewers love seeing how big he is getting. Tori has shares day by day to week updates of the little guy.


Tori also shared a picture of her son on his baby blanket when he was a month old. And soon, she will be able to put him on the number two. Moreover, at this rate, it won’t be long until he hits all the numbers on the 12-month blanket.

Josiah Roloff 1 Month

Josiah Growing Big

Little People Big World celeb Josiah Roloff is almost two months old. And within that time, he has certainly grown a lot. Meanwhile, Zach Roloff’s wife recently shared a growth update on her son.

Tori Roloff shared a clip of Josiah lounging around at home. And just from looking at him, he has grown a lot in the last two months. Meanwhile, according to his mama, she said he has “grown so much” – and that his cuteness is “killing” her.

As Little People Big World fans keeping up with Tori Roloff’s updates know, Jackson and Lilah have settled into their roles as big brother and big sister as well. With current episodes on TLC, viewers see the beginning stages of Tori’s pregnancy. But based on current updates, fans get to see the result – and he grows bigger by the day.

josiah roloff sleeping

Be sure to catch new episodes of Little People Big World, every Tuesday on TLC and Discovery Plus. And for the latest Roloff news, come back again to Entertainment Voices.



  1. josiah roloff is so precious looking….GOD BLESS HIM!..tori and zach are blessed with these three beautiful children….love, camille


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