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‘LPBW’: Real Reason Zach Roloff Let’s Tori Do All The Heavy Lifting?

LPBW fans certainly have a lot to say when it comes to how Tori Roloff and her husband Zach Roloff live their lives. The couple’s lackadaisical approach to everything in their lives has their fans and followers scratching their heads. The couple chooses to have their lives filmed for a reality show. So they should expect fans to have opinions, both positive and negative, about their choices. This article is soley fans observations and comments not Entertainment voices opinion.

Lately, Little People Big World fans have taken issue with the seemingly severe laziness of Zach Roloff. It’s obvious who is in control in this Roloff household. However, both Tori and Zach are facing significant backlash from their fans.

zach roloff lpbw

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Rules The Roost – What Does Zach Do?

Little People Big World fans are painfully aware of who wears the pants in Tori and Zach’s house. LPBW fans have made their opinions known on Reddit. Many fans feel Tori does all the work in the house while Zach does nothing. Fans acknowledge it could be editing. After all, we only see an hour a week on the TLC show. So they may be editing the narrative to make Zach appear lazy. One fan sums it up best  with this comment:

“He’s Like the older sibling who’s willing to occupy the baby. Like legit every other clip I see he’s chillin on the floor or a chair talking, tryna sound smart, but doing nothing.”

zach roloff - tori roloff -lpbw

These are fans opinions not thoughts of the author.

Another LPBW fan (or perhaps critic) adds this:

“That’s the way he’s always been. I’m binge watching seasons now and Zach is absolutely a lazy human being. Spoiled lazy.

While another echoes the above with this:

“Zach has never worked a real job in his life. He is a lazy, entitled Brat

Of course, there are a few Little People Big World fans that don’t see Zach as lazy. They blame editing for how the others perceive Zach’s role in his family.

“I think we see an hour out of their lives a week that’s heavily edited towards drama and mostly scripted so we have no idea really what their parenting skills are or are not. I watched Zach climb trees and hang lights all over their property. That doesn’t look like lazy to me.”

LPBW: Zach Watched Mom Amy Roloff His Whole Life?

Regardless each week on Little People Big World we see Tori doing a lot more around the house with their kids than Zach. Fans are painfully aware and this comment surely expresses that sentiment:

“But literally this is the vibe in every single episode! Tori doing things and Zach sprawled on the floor

Zach Roloff

Sadly Zach is a product of his environment. In his household, his mom, Amy Roloff, was responsible for the kids and house. Matt Roloff was rarely involved in actively disciplining the kids. Rather he was the fun dad that took the kids on adventures, while Amy was left to raise their kids as best she could.

LPBW Jackson and amy

EV Disclaimer: These are fans observations and or opinions.

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  1. Well when you think sbout things, Tori has been pregnant every couple of years and raising the babies. We might not see Zach do anything, but someone has to work, or who is being approved for a morgage everytime they want to move? There is no guarentee that the show will be picked up for another season to count on that.

  2. I don’t think Zach is lazy, he was taking care of Jackson more than Tori when Tori had Jackson. Zach was changing his diaper frequently while Tori was watching. Zach also was putting Jackson down for a nap and holding him frequently while Tori rested. I really don’t think Zach is lazy, another thing his mother Amy was a good mother to her kids, Matt was never involved to much as a parent, never wanted to do to much with his kids, they go on a trip and Matt was always thinking of the farm never enjoyed his time with his kids

  3. Everyone seems to forget that Zack has major back problems not to mention other problems normally associated with his form of dwarfism. Zack has worked, not sure if he still does; he has been a soccer coach and another job associated with it – a full time job. Tori was a teacher, not sure if she still is or not. People need to get a life of their own and get off their back! Zack tried to buy a portion of the ranch – the portion with the house and pumpkin farm. He and his brother had wanted to run that but his brother didn’t try to battle Matt for it! His dad had plenty of other land still and could have easily worked out a deal with Zack to keep it in the family! I had to hand it to Zack for not being willing to let Matt control him; he then pulled up roots and set up where the family can’t control how their family lives! That’s a hard decision to make!!

  4. Bull crap Zack is lazy .he can lift heavy weights .ALso he worked a part time job for a while when he was a teen.He is a 32 year old man who lives off the show.Both of them are guilty of not paying attention to them babies.Jackson almost put little Lilah’s eye out with the piece from the bed they were putting together thank god it missed her eye they were not watching.Zack only piddled around the farm .lf anyone got it Jeremy was the worker.Matt was rightif Zack got it Matt would have to maintain it.


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