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‘Little People Big World’ Spoilers: Tori & Zach Break Amy’s Heart

Little People Big World spoilers for the latest episode reveal Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff share news with Zach’s mother, Amy Roloff, that breaks her heart. As the holidays quickly approach, Mimi Amy, asks her kids what are the plans for the family for Christmas. Unfortunately, the news that Amy gets from  Zach and Tori leaves her visibly upset, angry, and sad all at the same time.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Amy Roloff Steps Up To Watch Lilah as Jackson Has Surgery

Little People Big World spoilers show Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek are on grandparent duty for a few days. Their oldest grandson Jackson is undergoing his first leg surgery. So Amy and Chris take Lilah off Zach and Tori’s plate for a few days so they can focus on Jackson. Chris adores Amy’s grandchildren. Since he doesn’t have kids of his own, this is as close as he gets to experiencing life with small kids. Just like Matt’s long-time girlfriend Caryn Chandler, all the Roloff grandkids love and adore Chris Marek as a bonus grandparent.


Little People Big World spoilers show Amy gets disturbing news from Zach and Tori when she returns Lilah home and visits with a recovering Jackson. The talk quickly turns to the holidays and how to spend Christmas. Grandpa Matt spends Christmas in Arizona with Caryn and already had his holiday visit with Lilah and Jackson. So now Amy wonders when it will be her turn to celebrate the holidays with Zach, Tori, Jackson, and Lilah.

LPBW Jackson Resting
LPBW Jackson Resting


LPBW: Zach & Tori Devastate Amy Roloff With A Punch To The Gut Over Christmas Plans

Little People Big World spoilers reveal Tori and Zach do not plan to spend time with family other than their immediate family of four the entire week leading up to Christmas. Amy innocently asked when they would be getting together to celebrate. Then after an awkward silence, Tori and Zach let Amy know they plan on doing their own thing this year. This of course blindsides and devastates Amy. As a Mimi, she’s heartbroken that her son and daughter-in-law are keeping Jackson and, Lilah, from her during this special time of the year.

amy roloff lilah roloff

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff tries to soften the blow and back peddle a bit by saying the week leading up to Christmas is mostly booked with doctor’s appointments for Jackson. Then almost as an afterthought, when Zach realized how hurt his mom is, he says they will “try” to make it down on Christmas for a quick visit. No doubt Amy is crushed. Seems she was good enough to babysit Lilah for a few days but not good enough to get quality time with both grandkids and Zach and Tori at Christmas.

lpbw amy roloff - zach roloff

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  1. Zack and Tori sure know how to hurt their parents. I wish they would think how great Matt and Amy are to everyone, especially the grandkids. Zack and Tori owe a lot to them. They are making a good living being on the program and getting paid. Tori, can be a little disrespectful to them at times and she should think of what she is doing. There will be a wedge between them since they could not buy the farm. Let’s see how well they do without Mat’s help when he moves to Arizona. His kids are not that nice except Molly —— daughter in laws can be a real pain in the bum. ——

  2. Does the grandparents spend time with Jeremys children behind the scenes ?? They only ever speak of Zach,&
    Toris kids .. Just wondering!!!

  3. Zach sits and fold his arms and speak ill of Matt and Caryn folds his arms like he is the Roloff Godfather. And Tori acts like she the Roloff queen she is pumping out dwarfs as fast as she can and TLC loves that they are rehearsed scripted and owned by TLC as you know the other Roloff children have jobs and don`t want to be owned by TLC..the show has lost its pleasures and is just a hot drama mess thanks to Zach and Tori…

  4. There is always a time when one or more of the kids feel they have to start their own traditions. Parents have to bend like a willow if they don’t want the family tree to break. My older sisters always tried to do Christmas with us because my Dad loved it so. One sister always did Thanksgiving with her in-laws so her husband could hunt with his family and they alternated who they did Christmas with. Give Tori some slack. Her hormones must raging from the stress of Matt’s insanity and Jackson’s surgery.

  5. Wow aren’t you a piece of something. These two have been put through enough.as for them wanting to start their own tradition for xmas at home I don’t blame them 1. Winters out there are bad traveling with 3 little ones will be bad and scarey. They are not done with Jackson’s legs did you see how bad his feet turned in from surgery. Mom is worried about that now. And no she’s not pumping out babies as fast as she can shame on you she doesn’t belong to the Dugger clan besides its none of your business you’re not paying for them or raiseing them. I think they are very good Parents. I myself put a stop to going to family gatherings on my side if you can’t get along as a family all year long why feel uncomfortable one night for show I know what she’s feeling. So it would be easier fir her parents and his parents to travel to their house and not take the littles out.

  6. this is awlful you both are grown ups you never hurt your family like this think about it long and hard , you know karma can come back to you it bits hard you think your live in a fancy house , those 2 babies deserve a big family i know you both was hurt when matt done his thing looks what has happened to him , what happens if you loose every thimg,god in your heart ? tell mommia your sorry she was with you when you was sick did she say sorry i dont have time for you,NO NO NEVERTORI LOVE YA BOTH


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