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Tori Roloff Breaks Silence About Judgy Fans & Mom Shamers

Tori Roloff is front and center on the new season of Little People Big World. In fact, many viewers say that Tori and Zach still being on is the only reason they watch. But based on the latest from the TLC mother of three, being in the public eye has its drawbacks.

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff & Tori Roloff Showcase New Life in New Season

As Little People Big World fans know, Roloff Farms drama is a big topic in fresh TLC episodes. Meanwhile, fans also see Zach and Tori’s new home in Battle Ground, Washington, as well as the fresh start they build there.

With Matt Roloff being the Little People Big World patriarch for so long, it makes sense for Zach and Tori to want to carve out their own Roloff family history – out from under Matt’s thumb. And in a lot of ways, they’ve done just that.

zach - tori roloff lpbw

Tori Roloff Opens Up About Being Judged on TV

When you put your life on national television, you open yourself up to public scrutiny. And that’s exactly what happened for Tori Roloff when she joined the Little People Big World cast. And as a mother of three, she talked about her parenting being a target.

As Little People Big World viewers that follow Tori Roloff know, she is a frequent target of mom-shaming. But as a mother of three, with the arrival of little Josiah, she seems to take things all in stride.

According to Zach Roloff’s wife, she and her husband are both “nerds” when it comes to things like child psychology. And Tori said that she “can’t worry” about what other people think of her or what she does.

LPBW Tori Roloff
LPBW Tori Roloff

TLC Mom Talks About Achondroplasia in the Home

Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah all have Achondroplasia – the most common type of short-limbed dwarfism. And all throughout Tori’s last pregnancy, viewers wondered if Josiah would have the same condition as his brother, sister, and father.

Meanwhile, Tori Roloff recently talked about what it’s like having a family household where four out of the five members have the condition. And according to Tori, it’s such a “normal thing” in their home.

LPBW Zach - Tori - Jackson - Lilah - Josiah

Ultimately, Tori Roloff relies on her “mom-tuition” when it comes to navigating things like her children being sick. And now, with her third go-round with Josiah, she has certainly had a lot of experience being a mom over the last few years. And when it comes to things that pop up related to Achondroplasia, Tori lets Zach take the lead – since he has dealt with the condition all his life.

Overall, Tori seems content to do her own thing – and to raise her children the way she and Zach see fit. And even though things like dealing with Jackson’s surgery last year “got scary”, Tori and Zach have “so many resources” to help with parenting their children, including each other.

lpbw - Jackson Roloff

Catch brand new episodes of LPBW, every Tuesday on TLC and Discovery Plus. And for more Little People Big World news, come back to Entertainment Voices.



  1. Tori I comend you im sorry you read all this bs on here you are fantastic and doing a fantastic job. If others think you aren’t they can shove it where the sun dont shine clean up their own back yards first. I can’t believe these people think they’re perfect. No one is you’re doing on hell of a job and being on t.v. to boot. Love ya girl bring it on.❤

  2. Follow your own heart and wisdom . I think you are toying great and a good mom . Little Jackson is way advanced for his age and so cute .keep up the good work !
    Remember there are those people who are just judgmental and rude . Live your life they way you want and God bless your dear family


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