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Tori Roloff Wanted Average Size Child?

LPBW fans were surprised by Tori Roloff’s admission on the latest episode of Little People Big World. In real-time Tori and her husband, Zach Roloff recently welcomed their third child, Josiah Luke Roloff. However, what we are seeing on the season currently airing is Tori and Zach announcing they’re once again expecting a child.

This pregnancy was a rainbow pregnancy for the Little People Big World couple after Tori’s heartbreaking miscarriage last year. As they documented their new pregnancy for TLC cameras, Tori and Zach shared some interesting tidbits about this pregnancy. Continue reading to see what Tori’s thoughts are about the possibility of having an average size child.

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Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Is Now The Mom Of Three Children With Achondroplasia Dwarfism

LPBW star Tori Roloff is now the mom of three children all born with achondroplasia dwarfism. This type of dwarfism is the most common. Tori’s three children, Jackson Roloff, age 5, Lilah Roloff, age 2, and newborn Josiah Roloff all have the same dwarfism as their father Zach, and their grandmother Amy Roloff. Tori Roloff is the only one of average height in her immediate family of five.

In a clip from the latest Little People Big World episode Tori says she knew all her children had a 50/50 chance of being born with dwarfism. LPBW fans recall Tori and Zach decided to not know ahead of the birth whether their new child was a boy or girl or if he or she would be an average height or a dwarf.

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LPBW: Tori Admits She Wonders What It Would Be Like To Have An Average Sized Kid

The most recent episode of Little People Big World saw Zach Roloff answering his mother’s question if Tori would have a vaginal birth or cesarian if the new baby is of average size.  We hear Tori saying,” mean I think it would be kind of interesting to have one average height kid to know what that feels like.” Then Zach adds, “Yeah, to see what the hype is”.

Of course, a healthy baby is always the goal. Certainly, Tori and Zach are prepared to raise another dwarf child. It would be a radical change of pace to have an average-sized child at this point. Plus, an average-sized child as a sibling would be a  huge adjustment for Jackson and Lilah. Tori and Zach know all their children would have an equal chance of being average-sized or dwarfs. What remains to be seen is if their family’s now complete with the arrival of Josiah. Or will they try for one more baby? Will that baby also be a dwarf just like all their other children?


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  1. Is she really that different than us or are we just kidding ourselves!? I think most of us would rather have an average size child and that’s not because you wouldn’t love the other one but rather we’ve seen through watching their shows the increased health issues and all that they have. But to go through this with three children?? I can see that it would be very hard on you, not only physically but, emotionally and mentally. She’s going to deal with these issues with three kids for as much as maybe 20 more years. I say God bless her and I don’t think it makes any difference in the love that she has for her child and that’s what counts. She knew going into that third pregnancy what the odds were. She pushed forward because she WANTED to add to her family at least one more time.

  2. I was praying that Tori would have a normal size child…dear God why can’t she just have one….but all the children are so adorable and just beautiful but doesn’t make me bad to have wished a normal size child…she needs some kind of break…she seems like such a good mother….God bless her…congratulations on your new arrival….hugs

  3. Zach stating, “what’s the hype”, regarding having a average size human is childish. I’m sure he wished many times over he was average size. So immature.


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